G7-ECOWAS Holds Workshop To Address Cybersecurity

The world is constantly evolving and the societies in which we find ourselves are catching up with the pace, providing many opportunities for economic prosperity, equal access to knowledge, and efficient governance.

Digitalization has its own pros and cons and an example of it being misused is criminal activities happening in cyberspace. 

To provide a more secure environment, ECOWAS including the ECOWAS Commission and Germany have organized several workshops with the aim of developing an action plan to support the G7-ECOWAS cyber cooperation initiative.

It had representatives from the ECOWAS Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other Ministries in ICT, and Officers from national CERTs/CSIRT present.

ECOWAS Commission’s Acting Director, Dr. Kouame Raphael Koffi, said the biggest issue facing nations, businesses, and individuals are cybersecurity and cybercrime.

According to Dr. Koffi, the implementation of the ECOWAS Cybersecurity Agenda is purposely to secure safe and crime-free cyberspace. And in order for the ongoing G7-ECOWAS initiative t reach its full potential, an all-inclusive approach and participation will make it more efficient.


Mr. John Reyels, Head of the Cyber Policy Coordination Staff of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany with the G7 under the German’s watch, cybersecurity will be a top priority. He explained that cybersecurity is about protecting online access to data, online freedom, and today’s realities of international conflict.

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This initiative between ECOWAS, Germany, and partners involved in G7, is to successfully build solid grounds to sustain safe cyberspace because it constantly evolves with new challenges that are best confronted with international relations.

The Acting Director-General of the Cybersecurity Authority (CSA) in Ghana, Dr Albert Antwi-Boasiako, applauded ECOWAS for the proactive measures being taken against cybersecurity. This he said in reference to the two sub-bodies set up – the ECOWAS Regional Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Strategy and Regional Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy.

He also touched on Germany’s recognition of Cybersecurity as a priority as part of its leadership of the G7 nations. He assured them of Ghana’s commitment to supporting regular engagements towards improving global norms, cyber diplomacy, and capacity-building efforts in the region to protect ongoing digital developments in the ECOWAS region. 

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