How to Get Microsoft MCSA&MCSE Certifications? The True About Exam Dumps and Other Important Information

If you are intended to enter the IT field or broaden your existing skills, there is no better solution for you than certification from Microsoft company. This credential program covers all Microsoft products and technologies you can encounter while working on the IT positions. The list includes Cloud, Database, SQL Server, Office 365, Azure, Windows OS, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. Microsoft certifications are divided into four sections: MTA, MCSA, MCSE and MCSD, which correspond fundamental, associate, expert and developer levels.

In this text, we will discuss some of the most in-demand Microsoft certifications of associate and expert level. So, let’s see what Microsoft can offer:

MCSA: Cloud Platform certification

This associate-level credential is intended for the specialists who would like to work as cloud administrators or cloud architects. This certification is all about cloud-related technologies and their application in business. With MCSA: Cloud Platform certification you can move straight to the next step and earn MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification (see more information below). The credential can be obtained through the passing of 2 exams which you need to choose from the list of 4 positions: 70-532, 70-533, 70-535 and 70-537. Note that 70-537 exam is not yet available.

70-532 exam

This exam is designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge regarding the development of Microsoft Azure solutions, storage strategy, data strategy, Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines, identity management and more.

70-533 exam

This test focuses on the deployment of ARM templates, the management of Azure security services, application of Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions, recovery services and many more.

70-535 exam

70-535 exam includes topics related to the security solutions, identity solutions, the designing of compute infrastructure, data implementation and the architecting of Microsoft Azure solutions.

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Please pay attention that MCSA: Cloud Platform certification retires on December 31, 2018.

MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification

Associate-level Windows Server 2012 certification is intended for IT professionals who want to work as computer network specialists or network systems administrators. This credential focuses on the administration of Windows Server 2012 and the IT cost reduction tasks. The certification also can serve as a prerequisite for MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure. To get certified, the candidate needs to sit for 3 necessary exams: 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412.

70-410 exam

This test confirms the candidate’s knowledge necessary to install and configure Windows Server 2012. The objectives include the configuration of Hyper-V, deployment of core network services, server roles and features, Active Directory, Group Policy management and more.

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70-411 exam

This exam is all about Windows Server 2012 administration. It covers the deployment and maintenance of servers, the configuration of file services, print services, access and network services, as well as the management of Active Directory and Group Policy.

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70-412 exam

Exam 70-412 is focused on the configuration of the advanced Windows Server 2012 services. It also includes topics related to the management of High Availability, file solutions, storage solutions, disaster recovery, AD infrastructure and more.

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70-417 exam

This exam is not included in the main MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification path, however, if you already possess a credential associated with Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 or Windows XP, then you can take this exam and upgrade your skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012. This test covers the topics that are included in 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412 exam.

To learn more about Microsoft 70-417 exam, visit Microsoft website.

MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification

Another popular certification in our list is also dedicated to Windows Server, however, this credential covers the knowledge about its newer 2016 version. To get certified, the candidate needs to pass 3 required exams: 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742.

70-740 exam

This test concentrates on the knowledge necessary to install, configure and compute with Windows Server 2016. The objectives include the installation of Windows Servers in compute and host environments, the implementation of Hyper-V, storage solutions, Windows containers and more.

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70-741 exam

70-741 test is dedicated to the networking with Windows Server 2016. It covers the implementation of distributed network solutions, core solutions, IPAM, DHCP, DNS, network connectivity, remote access solutions and more.

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70-742 exam

This exam focuses on the skills required to manage identity with Windows Server 2016. The topics include the installation, configuration and management of AD DS, creation and management of group policy, implementation of identity federation and more.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification

This certification is intended for professionals who possess expert-level knowledge. This credential can only be obtained if the candidate already owns MCSA certification linked to Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Cloud Platform and Linux on Azure. MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure is designed to confirm the candidate’s skills needed to control a contemporary data center and manage identities, systems and networks.

In order to get certified, you need to sit for 1 exam from the list of 10 offered. One of the most in-demand options for this credential is 70-413 exam.

70-413 exam

This test focuses on the designing and implementing of a Server infrastructure. The topics cover network infrastructure services, network access services and Active Directory infrastructure (logical and physical).

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Please pay attention: this credential retires on December 31, 2018.

Now, let’s return to MCSA level and see the details of another sought-after certification:

MCSA: Web Applications certification

MCSA: Web Applications is designed for specialists who want to gain skills in the implementation of contemporary web apps. This credential can earn the candidate a position of a web administrator or a web developer. To obtain this credential, the individual should successfully pass either exam 70-480 or 70-483 along with exam 70-486.

To give you an idea of the certification process, now we will dive into details of 70-486 exam.

70-486 exam

This test is offered by Microsoft on a regular yearly basis with the purpose of qualifying candidates. Those who pass this exam are on the halfway to MCSA: Web Applications certification. The exam is critical if one desires to become a qualified specialist in the development of various ASP.NET MVC web applications used all over the Internet.

The ASP.NET MVC framework is essential to web users. Indeed, the Microsoft web application implements the model-view-controller (MVC) approach, which makes user interfaces possible. Thus, this MCSA certification is quite lucrative because of the possibilities of work it opens up for those individuals who pass 70-486 exam.

For years, Microsoft 70-486 exam has provided the foundation upon which expert ASP.NET developers improve the skills needed to model and create useful web applications. In fact, its model-view-controller approach is layered to guarantee success for any such developer equipped with the correct set of skills.

Structure of the exam

Generally, Microsoft 70-486 exam contains between 40 and 49 questions, which are usually of the multiple-choice format. The total number of questions can vary, depending on the location of the test and its difficulty.

The structure of Microsoft 70-486 is designed to rank the performance capability of a candidate. This standard is achieved by using percentage valuations of each question on the test; higher percentages show that the particular section of the test includes more questions. Indeed, the Microsoft 70-486 test conducted in August 2018 consisted of three sections of multiple-choice questions, each with a single correct answer, but the exam included several sets of drag and drop questions as well. Besides, there was a couple of multiple-choice questions with several possible answers. There were 49 questions in total, with the first section covering the first 40 questions, the second section – 4 questions and the final one included 5 questions.

Core skills tested

70-486 exam is designed to measure a specific set of skills. For a start, it evaluates a person’s ability to complete specific technical tasks such as the designing of application architecture and designing and development of a user experience system, among others.

Microsoft confirmed that the percentage scores assigned to the different exam sections are mere indications of the relative weight assigned to each such section or major topic. It means that sections carrying higher percentage weights are likely to have more questions in the Microsoft 70-486 exam. Furthermore, it is possible that the questions contained in the test are not limited to the usual topic areas mentioned on the official website as Microsoft retains the right to change the exam structure.

Qualifying candidates

Microsoft 70-486 exam is designed for the individuals working as professional web and application designers, using both ASP.NET and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to develop web solutions. However, the candidate must have worked in the development of web solutions based on the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC in order to be qualified for Microsoft 70-486 exam. Knowledge of Microsoft Azure Web Apps is just as crucial.

In addition, the exam requires the experience of planning and designing user interaction solutions that meet business requirements and the ability to develop and launch multi-tier web environments such as Azure.

Exam centers and rules

Microsoft 70-486 test measures a variety of skills and the most common one is managing program flow, which accounts for between 25 and 30 percent of the total exam score. Equally, other topics such as creating and using different types of web applications and implementation of data access are just as favored in 70-486 exam, carrying the same weight.

The certification test is conducted in thousands of designated testing centers around the world. Therefore, the candidates are required to find the applicable center on the designated day of the exam. Every qualifying student must pay the required fees before sitting for any of the Microsoft certification tests, including 70-486. However, this admission may be canceled or rescheduled as the student sees fit, as long as the applicable rules are followed.

Still, the candidates may pay a fee and withdraw from the test for which they have registered within 5 days preceding the scheduled exam time. An individual who fails to take the test can cancel or reschedule it no later than 24 hours before the start of the exam or he/she won’t be able to get back the entire fee.

Preparation options: exam dumps

In order to be fully prepared for your upcoming certification exams, you can use exam dumps. These are perfect for the exam training as they can really help you to learn how to tackle various types of exam questions and how to manage your time properly. Exam dumps are also needed to add to the candidate’s self-reliance. With exam dumps, you will be not only more prepared but also much more relaxed and confident.

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Microsoft exams are offered in many countries. All test centers offer standardized Microsoft exams, so the outcomes are just as fair. The number of the available resources for the exam preparation is virtually unlimited. The Internet is filled with various exam dumps, which are helpful for the students willing to pass any Microsoft exam. These dumps are accessible to students around the globe.

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