Ghana Card To Be Used For Sim Re-registration In 2020 – Hon. Ursla Owusu

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Communication Minister, Hon. Ursula Owusu has made it known that the Ghana Card will be used during the re-registration process of SIM cards next year. The Ministry has already announced the re-registration of SIM cards exercise next year which every SIM card owner must abide to prevent losing your existing number.

According to Hon. Ursula Owusu, the Ghana Card is linked to all other identity cards thus, will be a requirement for the SIM re-registration so she urges all citizens to get theirs before next year.

She said, ‘’ in January next year, we will start with the Ghana Card and all those with the Ghana Card will use that for the SIM re-registration. Currently, we are in the process of enrolling the Ghana Card and if you haven’t registered, please kindly do so. After June 2020, if you haven’t done your SIM re-registration, your SIM will be deactivated.’’

The SIM re-registration exercise according to the Ministry, is part of ways to fight crime associated with the use of SIM cards such as theft and frauds.

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She added, ‘’It is quite clear that the current SIM card registration regime is deficient and fraught with many challenges, defeating the purpose of the SIM registration regulations. Mindful of this, the cabinet earlier this year directed the Minister for Communications to instruct all telecommunication companies to fully comply with the law governing sim card acquisition which requires the presentation of a valid ID document prior to registration. We’re clamping down on crime associated with the use of these SIM cards, the Ministry has consulted all relevant stakeholders and thereby announces that from January 2020 we will all be required to re-register our SIM cards, any SIM card that is not registered will be deactivated by June 2020, given a 6month time frame for this exercise.”

To register for the Ghana Card, residents must provide a passport or a residence permit. Also, qualified foreign nationals need to purchase a scratch card called ‘’FIMS’’ to be able to get an ID for SIM registration.

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