Ghana Library Launches Google Career Programmes

The Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) has rolled out Google career certificate programmes to give Ghanaians the opportunity to secure high paying jobs. The programme, which was launched last Thursday, will be closed to prospective candidates tomorrow.

The online six-month sponsored programs, to be hosted on Cosera platform and fully sponsored by the Commonwealth of Learning, are market-driven and are offered for learners in the Commonwealth countries.

Google career programs

The programs are Information Technology (IT) Support, Data Analytics, Project Management, and User Experience Designed.

Learners who will be chosen to complete the programs will be acclaimed Google Certified Specialists in their respective fields of study.


Each learner will be required to complete at least one program by the end of the sixth month.

To complete a program successfully, each learner is required to spend at least 10 hours a week on a program and should be able to complete it within six months.

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“So, the purpose of this new launch is to introduce to Ghanaians Google Career Certificate Programmes.
Google has identified four main areas that are in demand that employers are looking out to engage people,” the Executive Director of the GhLA, Mr. Hayford Siaw, explained, adding that such personnel was being sought for in the market by high paying companies.


He said, for instance, that a learner who took the IT Support programme, in the end, “it is expected that you will be a specialist who will be able to troubleshoot problems so that computers can work properly.”

On the Data Analytics learner, he said such a learner was required to pass out as a data analyst who would be able to collect and analyze data to help make informed decisions.

“Also, when you are trained to be a google certified project management specialist, you will be expected to ensure that projects within an organization are managed and completed with a maximum value. For the User Experienced Design program, the certified personnel would be able to make digital and physical products easier,” Mr. Siaw outlined them to the Daily Graphic.


He said in all the four courses, a learner did not need any experience to enroll, and ‘‘you can learn at your own pace inasmuch as you are able to occupy yourself for the 10 hours a week.’’

Advice to learners

Throwing more light on the program, Mr Siaw explained that each program would be organized in two cohorts and each cohort would be made up of 1,500 learners, bringing the total to 3,000.

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He urged those to be chosen to take the program seriously because the Commonwealth of Learning was paying each program $234 per learner.

Mr. Siaw, therefore, advised the potential students to note that those who would enroll should make sure that they had enough time to go through the program successfully.

He explained that, unlike the previous programs where learners could combine programs, “this one is different and learners are required to do a program at a time because this is more demanding with a lot of exercises.”

Mr. Siaw, however, elaborated that those who had time could still do more than one program over the six months depending on the time available to the learner.

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