Ghana Startup Act Advocacy Committee Call On Business Development Minister


Recently, the Committee set up by the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs to advocate for the Ghana Startup Act paid a courtesy call on the Ministry of Business Development to work on the Act.

The committee, assisted by the Private Enterprise Federation is charged with the duty to rally support for the Act and also work with the Ministry to ensure that the content in the Act is relevant and timeless.

The Chief Director of the Ministry approached the Committee on behalf of the Minister.

Speaking at the meeting, the CEO of the Chamber, Mr Sherif Ghali gave brief information on the committee’s activities and its composition.

The Committee members are consist of various youth entrepreneurship organizations within the ecosystem. The Chamber identified the need for the Ghana Startup Act and has been working on it since 2018.

He emphasized, “Recently, we saw the need to bring on board other organizations within the ecosystem to help champion this cause. Just like Tunisia and Senegal who now have their Startup Act, the Act was championed by various youth entrepreneurship organizations and that gave them the advantage to collectively push for the Act”.


In his opinion, the Chief Director Alhaji Hafiz Adam enumerated that the Ministry has in its plans to push for the Entrepreneurs/SME’s Act which is in accordance with the Ghana Startup Act.

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Mr Hafiz expressed gratitude to the Committee for the work done so far and promised that the Ministry will support the committee to complete their part and present their document for onward stakeholder engagements.

The committee also expressed gratitude to the Ministry for having as part of their agenda to push for the Act and pointed out that the committee’s work will be simplified since the Ministry is reluctant to take up the enactment of the act.

He concluded, “We (committee) have consulted legal brains, Tunisian and Senegal startup act and have come out with a proposed bill for the Ghana Startup Act which we intend engaging with the youth in the private sector to make sure it represents their inputs. We will present this to the Ministry after we are done with our consultation/engagement with the start-up community”.


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