Ghana Tech To Partner With US Tech Companies

CEO (CEO) of TechGulf and also Chairman of the IT board of trustees of the America Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), Mr. Franklin Asare says Ghana’s innovation environment is prepared to collaborate with the private tech associations from the United States.

Mr. Asare said this during a gathering with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs at the U.S. Branch of State, Ms. Akunna Cook last Wednesday.

As indicated by Mr. Asare, Ghana’s tech biological system has throughout the years seen huge reception of technological developments, one that makes it a favored objective for tech organizations all over the planet, and thusly, collaborating with tech organizations from the U.S will just go quite far to help mechanical ties between the two nations.

“As everything becomes increasingly interconnected, the way we conduct business, work and play are radically changing. More than anything else, and as societies are now emerging into the era of technology and innovation, Ghana is positioned to partner and build lasting relationships, particularly in this domain.

“Already, we have a tech ecosystem that is the envy of many on the continent. That is why we are willing to open our doors to tech companies from the U.S to partner with local Ghanaian tech companies in the spirit of developing the tech sectors of both countries,” he said.

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Still rising up out of a worldwide pandemic and businesses still recuperating, the COVID-19 pandemic period was a milestone time for new tech companies in Ghana. This period saw a lot of new companies utilize imaginative methods for carrying on with their work while permitting staff to work from home in regard to social distancing conventions.


However Ghana is recognized as an adopter of the fourth modern transformation innovations rather than a net maker, there is potential for the country to turn out to be more engaged with the essential business of fostering its own tech arrangements.

These variables, as indicated by Mr. Asare, are the basis for a market with intriguing opportunities, ready to be tapped by organizations from advanced nations like the U.S.

Ms. Cook stressed that U.S firms play a part in creating valuable opportunities in Ghana’s tech ecosystem and that computerized change in Africa requires people who have a passion for imaginative businesses and advanced development. She highlighted the significance of availability, capacity, and skills in constructing, and establishing an empowering climate for the computerized economy.

TechGulf is a technological organization situated in San Francisco, CA, and Accra, Ghana, with an order to give steady and secure information stockpiling equipment and services across Africa and is a strategic partner of Overland Tandberg.

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Overland-Tandberg is an engineer and producer of hybrid cloud IT infrastructure and data security arrangements, and the biggest secretly held Black-possessed worldwide innovation organization in the United States.

Present at the gathering was the U.S. Consulate Economic Section Chief, Stephanie Hutchison; Economic Officer, Gunner Hamyln; Head of Operations of the Accra Digital Center, David Ofori; Head of Sales and Marketing at TechGulf, Priscilla Okai; and IT Infrastructure Consultant at TechGulf, David Indome.

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