Ghana Veterinary Service to Digitize Veterinary Services

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A pledge between Ghana Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Service Directorate (VSD) will see to the veterinary service in the country being digitize

The VSD over the next three years has brought out a strategy that will help accomplish the vision of the organization which is to make the digitization in the veterinary sector a success.

At the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Veterinary Medical Association held in Tamale, saw the VSD making a statement that the digitization strategy was meant to support the achievement of MOFA strategic plan by creating a supportive environment and systems that will enhance the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their work by applying digital solutions.

Director of VSD, Dr Asiedu-Baah in his speech made it known that the use of digital technologies can help them reach their goals since it can improve and make work faster and more efficient to suit the users understanding.

He finished by saying the digital strategy will impact more ideas to the health practitioners since there will be much more new and interesting things to learn throughout the digitization process. It will also improve data facility and give out the most trusted data for better response to animal healthcare and for the positive well-being of the country.

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