Ghanaian Computer Scientist George Boateng Develops Smartphone-Based Coding App SuaCode

A Ghanaian computer scientist and social entrepreneur by the name of George Jojo Boateng, with the help of his partner, has developed a smartphone-based coding app called SuaCode.

SuaCode was launched in January 2022 on the google play store creating easier access for people wanting to learn how to code. It teaches people to code with the help of an AI teaching assistant.

While studying for his post-graduate degree at Dartmouth College in 2017, Boateng conceived SuaCode and started out with four pilots from 2018 to 2020

Since its Launch, SuaCode has had over 3000 people signing up to apply but only 1000 students were accepted. SuaCode also boasts of a high completion rate of about 62% and alumni getting jobs and also study opportunities such as Computer Science and Engineering into universities like Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, and MIT.

In 2021, Boateng together with his co-founder, Victor Kumbol, worked to improve SuaCode ai, a tech brand that eventually transformed SuaCode into a smartphone app.

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For SuaCode, they hope to teach millions of Africa how to code on their smartphones with its AI teaching assistant, Kwame. Since SuaCode is app-based, users can easily access and learn anywhere and anytime together with other learners across the globe.


With Kwame’s help, the app presents coding lessons in either English or French. There are also fun and hands-on coding exercises, quizzes, and assignments for users. The app also provides answers to quick and accurate answers to questions given.

Boating has been recognized by MIT Technology Reviews as a pioneer in their 2021 list of 35 Innovators under 35 for his achievement.

Boateng also happens to be president and co-founder of Nessa Foundation and is currently pursuing his PhD in Applied Machine Learning at ETH Zurich.

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