Ghanaians Complain Of High Cost of Data

CEO of MTN Ghana has been trying to make Ghanaians understand why the cost of data is still high in spite of the nation being positioned third on the rundown of nations with the least expensive data in Africa.

Selorm Adadevoh says the consistent utilization and dependence on foreign content, particularly those from the United Kingdom and the United States, and the absence of infrastructure are the elements energizing the high expense of data in Ghana.

Per Mr. Adadevoh, around 90% of downloaded content in Ghana begins from the UK, US, and different areas of the planet at an extravagant 320 gigabits each second.

Some concerned Ghanaians started to rebel against what they portrayed as high internet charges.

Under the hashtag ‘DataMustFall’, the protestors said that the cost of data stayed high regardless of a decrease in Communication Service Tax on September 15, 2020.

The concerned Ghanaians while sharing their internet utilization cost insight via virtual platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others, additionally tagged their network access suppliers.


Nana Yaw, a student, is one of the protestors who needs the cost of data reduced.

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“I spend 8 or 10 Ghana cedis on data daily. Data shouldn’t be that expensive. At least, there should be giveaways from service providers and the package should include free data.”

Addressing a gathering with News Editors in Kumasi, Mr. Adadevoh said the expense of data is still high.

“Most of our contents come from US, UK but either way if you take our contents that come from outside of Ghana, it’s over 90 percent. It’s a lot of our content.

“But if the content is not here, then you have to go through undersea cables; which are cables that take us under the sea. Ghana is connected through different countries in the world to bring content back and it’s very expensive”

“What do you think will happen if a lot of content was in Ghana? We won’t need 320 gigabits per second. Which means we won’t pay for 320 gigabits right?

“So what do you think would happen to the cost of data? It would be cheaper.

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“When you have fiber all over the country, you can transmit a lot of data very cheaply on that one cable. So these are all the things that contribute towards data and why it may not be as affordable as we would like.

“But you know, if you think about Africa, Ghana is probably number 3 in terms of the cheapest country for data.” Mr. Adadevoh added.

Mr. Adadevoh is of the view that spending on locally made content can assist with cutting down the expense of data in Ghana.

It is in this light that he has hailed Chenosis, a pan-African Application Programming Interface commercial center that empowers designers and organizations to find and buy into the biggest library.

Content designers can without much of a stretch tap into a wide range of API items and administrations, going from broadcast communications, e-wellbeing, e-government, fintech, and online business, among others in Africa.

They can distinguish, verify, and make installments and assortments from a solitary commercial center.

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Mr. Adadevoh explained:“If we consume content locally, we won’t need all those resources that we pay for today and therefore our cost of data would be cheaper.

But again, once we are able to support through platforms like Chenoisis (Marketplace) where small enterprises can build more local content so people can consume, all of these things are geared towards localization for local consumption.

If we can improve that, then we can continue to accelerate the improvements in pricing data as we go forward.”

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