GhanaPostGPS aids police to track down robber

Ghana’s newly launched electronic system, the GhanaPostGPS has aided to the arrest of a suspected armed robber.

Nana Appiah, who was a victim of the robbery attack on Facebook, explain to the mass on how the Digital Address System was able to help with the arrest of the robber who attacked him in his home and made away with his mobile and other valuable assets.

He wrote, “Around 1 am last night I received a distress call from Perpetual Lomokie Akwada and Maame Esi Davenport that their house has been attacked by armed men who ransacked the home and items taken away. I placed a call to the police and within 30 minutes one of the armed men was arrested using the Digital Address of phones which they took away. Thank God for their lives. Thank you Ghana Police for being swift and efficient. Thank you Dr Bawumia for introducing Digital Address Systems”

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana, who introduced the system, believes Ghana has what it takes to compete with the other developed countries such as the USA and UK when it comes to development.


He also urged Ghanaians to have a positive mind towards good things and that the mind mostly thinks is what becomes a reality and that, we should not always be dependent on the developed countries but rather believe we can be developed to compete.

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Dr Bawumia last weekend in a speech at the 18th congregation of the University for Development Studies (UDS) made it known to Ghanaians that positive thinking can also be a key to the countries development.


He said, “Unfortunately people don’t want to think and believe we can actually do things that are better than the more advanced countries. People have a mindset that we must be behind always. I say no, we can move forward and we can overtake them, you must have confidence and you can do things that are better than what America or the UK can do.’’

Speaking on the Digital Address System, the Vice President said it remains one of the best ever implemented by any country the world over.

He said, “Every property in Ghana now has a unique address whether it is on water or land it has an address. This means every 5×5 land in Ghana today has a unique address and you no longer need rely on way food vendors to know your direction because there is a unique national address system which will take you anywhere you want to go in Ghana without any problem. For me and I say this very seriously, this national address system Government is implementing is more advanced than the address system we have in the UK and the US and I encourage everybody to download the app”.

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