Ghana’s NAA SIKA digital micro-savings platform wins WSA21 award

A leading digital micro-savings platform in the Ghanaian community, Naa Sika, is on the congratulatory for being part of a 40 winning list for the 2021 World Summit Awards (WSA21); an award designed to acknowledge tech start-ups whose solutions address the UN Strategic Goals (SDGs).

Out of over 8,000 entries and a very rigorous process, Naa Sika was the only Ghanaian startup to be selected. 

In their congratulatory letter, the Chairperson of WSA, said that jurors evaluated all shortlisted projects in a fair process and selected the top 40 as winners.

It was also noted that in the presentation to the grand jury in the virtual forum, these winners proved how content driven digital solutions decisively support societal challenges and how they help achieve the UN SDGs.

“I am delighted to let you know that you were successful in your presentation and that your solution was selected as one of the 40 WSA winners 2021!,” the letter said to Naa Sika.

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There were nine categories of awards with five winners in each category. Naa Sika fell under the Inclusion and Empowerment category with four other startups.


The other categories included the Government and Citizen Engagement, Health and Wellbeing, Learning and Education, Environment and Green Energy, Culture and Tourism, Smart Settle and Urbanization, Business and Commerce as well as WSA Young Innovator.

WSA mentioned that COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the importance of digital solutions and the winners they selected are exemplary startups as to how digital solutions and applications can help protect the environment, support healthcare, provide inclusive and high-quality education, connect people, and share relevant information.

“The winning projects demonstrate the diversity and richness of digital content solutions globally,” it said.

The winning list came out on Monday, 7th February 2022. The winners will be given the platform to showcase their solutions which led them to this award at this year’s WSA Global Congress from 22- 24 March, 2022. It will be a virtual forum under the theme “Hack The Gap”.

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Naa Shika isn’t a first-timer when it comes to international recognition for their hard work.

Naa Sika bagged three awards – Best Social Protection Solution – World Bank; Innovation Award – Fontomfrom Amandze Awards and Digital Innovation Accelerator – GIZ all in 2020.

Then in 2021 they the Startup Superstar Of The Year – Western Business Awards, before this new one this year.

Team Lead at Naa Sika, Ralph Menz said  “Naa Sika is genuinely a cross-platform for all things money as we give the customers the freedom of choice of the channel to manage their Naa Sika account, namely WhatsApp, Telegram, USSD, iOS & Android apps.”

According to Menz, the platform is mainly driving the culture of savings to the only feature now is the Savings product, which comes in three categories – Aku Sika (traditional susu), Barima Sika (timebound savings towards a specific project), and Aya Sika, which is a fixed deposit product locked for at least 90 days.

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He said Payments, Insurance, Pensions, Loans, and Investments products will be added to the platform soon.

Ralph Menz said for the past 2 years, the company has been prototyping the solution only in the Western Region, by piloted with savings with a bot on Telegram, but now “we have Telegram, WhatsApp and USSD. We have also made savings plans easy to understand and more comfortable for users. iOS and Android will be ready in 60 days.”

He made mention that being awarded motivates the team to continue to give their best in innovation creation of solutions to make African living better.

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