GIJ Organises Seminar For Bloggers And Digital Content Creators In Ghana

The Ghana Institute of Journalism (G.I.J) on Wednesday 28th October 2020 organized a seminar for bloggers and digital creators in Ghana. The theme for the seminar was “Resisting Disinfodemic: Media & Information for Everyone by Everyone”.

This seminar for part of the Global Media & Information Literacy Week 2020; organized by G.I.J with support from Penplusbytes, DW Akademie, UNESCO, and others.

The program was divided into three (3) sections; the first one was an interactive section with Dr. Lawrencia Agyepong; the second section was also an interactive section with a senior professor of G.I.J, and the last section was a brainstorming section.

In the first interactive section with Dr. Agyepong, she taught the participants the difference between disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation.

Speaking during the presentation, Dr. Agyepong explained the role bloggers have to play in combating disinformation and its effect. She did so by citing practical examples and illustrations which helped the contestants to understand what she really meant.

In the second interactive section, participants were taught the 11th commandment of journalism. The lecturer went on to explain fake news and its types. He ended by also explaining the CARS FRAMEWORK developed by Penplusbytes.

He further went on to explain the code of ethics and also showed an example of a code of ethics developed by a Norwegian blogger. The

Finally, the last part was a brainstorming section where participants were divided into groups to come up with some code of ethics that Ghanaian bloggers can follow.

After the event, participants were given a certificate of completion and some other souvenir. Some of the blogs that showed up include,,, etc.

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