Gocreate Africa launches music monitoring app in Ghana

Gocreate App, a musical tracking and monitoring technology for the enhancement of copyrights administration, partnered with Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria and had a successful launch in the country. After its Nigeria success, the founders of Gocreate App has successfully launched in Ghana. 

The App is a one-stop shop for managing streams of income, including exploitation of musical works of record labels, artists, publishers, and composers. It has real-time tracking of intellectual property usage across all platforms.

The launch of the Gocreate app also came with Go Distro, a DIY digital distribution service that allows artists and record label to make their own distribution of their music to over 150 digital stores around the globe, with free radio airplay monitoring in key territories across Africa, including NFT and blockchain distribution with visibility to a global audience. 

The Nigerian Tech Company, Gocreate Africa, is leading the cause for the digitalization of our African creative Industries by providing music recognition technology (Go Monitor) to collective management organizations across the continent.

Gocreate Africa’s Managing Director and Co-founder, Asha Gangali Fapohunda, spoke at the Ghana Music Industry Conference, saying that Gocreate’s technology was planned, tested, and tried for six years before its unveiling and successful launch in Nigeria. He further said their mission is to provide technology-driven solutions and make data available to the African creative industries and in the process make the creative marketplace into a digital ecosystem where all intellectual properties are monitored and monetized.

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Gangali explained further: “The primary cause of revenue loss in Africa’s creative sector is due to the lack of data and digital solutions. Gocreate has been able to provide the solution to these problems with the deployment of Go Monitor, a digital solution for copyright and royalty management. Collective Management Organizations across Africa can now onboard our Go Monitor service, which provides radio/TV airplay data including DSP reporting etc.


This will enable CMOs to distribute catalog specific royalties and close the revenue gaps in the music industries by instituting full compliance with copyright laws. This will empower African talents and secure music publishing revenues both locally and globally.”

Apart from Ghana, Go Monitor, which is now available on the web, Android, and IOS platforms, will be deployed in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and a number of other African countries by the first quarter of 2022.

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