Say Bye: Google is shutting down URL Shortening Service

Google is shutting down the URL shortener service. Launched in 2009, the service hasn't managed to survive even a decade.

If you didn’t know, Google has a URL shortening service where they take long URLs and converts them into shorter ones using the link. This helps keep things neat, especially if you’re sharing them in emails, messages, social media, and so on. Unfortunately, it looks like Google will be shutting that service down.

URL shorteners were all the rage back in early 2009 thanks to the rise of social media networks like Twitter and its extremely constrictive 140 character limit. Even social media bios and comment sections have similar constraints and during a time when every character mattered, the internet turned to URL shortening services like and as a way to cram (even track) links wherever they could be posted.

After officially launching back in 2009, Google URL Shortener — aka — is officially shutting down next month. Google announced the news in a Google Developers blog post, urging devs to switch over to Firebase Dynamic Links and pointing users to services like Bitly and

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Starting April 13, 2018, anonymous users and users who have never created short links before today will not be able to create new short links via the console. If you are looking to create new short links, Google recommends you use Firebase Dynamic Links or you check out popular services like Bitly and as an alternative.

If you have existing short links, you can continue to use all features of the console for a period of one year, until March 30, 2019, when they will discontinue the console. You can manage all your short links and their analytics through the console during that period.

Farewell, and thanks for memories.


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