Government to leverage technology to transform the economy – Minister

The Minister of Communication and Digitalisation, Mrs Ursula Owusu Ekkuful, has said that in an attempt to transform the Ghanaian economy for it to be more competitive, the government of Ghana is willing to leverage technology to accelerate its efforts.

She said technology is the surest way to transform the economy since it makes businesses effective thereby contributing to the nation’s development.

“This global movement, which is evolving in the global digital economy, is transforming the way we live and work throughout the world. Governments all over the world have placed priority on transforming their economies and countries into more digitally advanced ones to reap the benefit and gains associated with it. Ghana cannot afford to be left out.”

She made this statement at the ‘Obaatanpa’ programme, which was a digital transformation workshop for government ministries and is organised through GhanaCares.

She noted that communal efforts were needed hence the workshop, so they can together develop ways of maximising the benefits to be derived from the advancements made in technology so far, especially in this post-covid economy.

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She further said the key component of the GhanaCARES programme is its digital transformation agenda and as such government will try as much as possible to sustain investments and developments of communications infrastructure, integrate and leverage data systems and platforms, enhance the capacity of key institutions and improve coordination with the private sector for improved service delivery, business expansion and economic transformation.


“We intend to invest, consolidate, strengthen and expand the national fibre network in order to expand and improve network connectivity. As a country, we must build on our assets that are scattered in various organisations to derive maximum benefit from them.”

The Minister said the government will continue to promote and increase the digital literacy of Ghanaians so as to give the needed support to Ghanaian technology entrepreneurs as they build technological hubs and also export IT-enabled services. 

“These are carefully selected interventions to aid the digital transformation process of the country. This is because digital transformation is not a destination but a journey that is long and challenging but it must happen at an increasing pace.”

She said the government is ready to partner with the private sector and the general public to establish certain foundational elements to ensure quick delivery of the much-needed transformation of the economy.

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“This workshop is, therefore, a crucial first step towards ensuring that the right building blocks are put in place. Getting people with the right mindset and support will ensure that we expedite action on the digital transformation.”

She also said participants nominated for this workshop will be the digital transformation leads, who will then become the leads to engage with the various Ministries and work with them to execute the various initiatives.

“Participants are expected to set up a team within their Ministries and share the knowledge with them, institutionalize this exercise at their workplaces, make it part of their everyday work to keep track of their assets and help build an interoperable system linked up into each other.”

Mr Kussum Appiah, Head of GhanaCARES Delivery Unit, MOCD, said the GIDT Blueprint was a roadmap for digital transformation, which identified the building blocks for the digital transformation agenda.

He said to accelerate the rate of digital transformation, some priorities of the government, including improving internet connectivity, increasing digital literacy, supporting entrepreneurship and expediting government digital initiatives.

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“Through these priorities, a lot of interventions and targets have been put in place by the government, including digital assets and service register, digital readiness assessment, expedite and consolidate ongoing public projects.”

Other interventions include fibre assets consolidation, establishing regional digital centres and a common national digital architecture and implementing the GIDT.

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