Green Tech Company To Launch Electric -Vehicle Assembling Plant In Ghana.

A South African-based company; Green Tech, is in talks with the Ghanaian government to launch an electric-vehicle assembling plant in Ghana. The deal when signed will include the production of electric vehicles, battery swapping stations, and solar charging facilities.

Dr. Mandla Lamba, the CEO of Agilitee, when asked why Ghana responded saying; there was the need for an extension of eco-friendly smart solutions in West Africa and Ghana held a promising potential hence it being chosen.

The establishment of the plant will see to fruition the government’s vision of making Ghana an industrial hub for the automobile industry in West Africa and the continent at large.

A CNBC report in 2019 showed that vehicles powered by fossil fuels contribute a high quota of atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide. This high emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the major factor in the gradual degradation of the ecosystem.

Available statistics revealed Africa contributes 4percent to global fossil-fuel emissions in 2017, with its countries including Ghana contributing 0.51 tons per capita. These high levels are bringing about adverse weather conditions like bushfires, floods, and an increase in sea levels.

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Countries prone to the crisis as a result of these climatic changes were seen pleading at the just ended COP26 in Glasgow. They want urgent measures to be put in place to achieve the Paris Agreement of 1.5 degrees Celsius.


United Kingdom officials are putting plans in place to ban sales of diesel and petrol-powered cars by 2030 and rather encourage citizens to use electric vehicles and appliances.

A couple of US automakers including Ford, General Motors, and VW are on a record to have a majority of their latest cars being electric by the year 2030.

Even with unforeseen circumstances and assumed challenges, experts say Africa’s embrace of electric cars will just be as challenging as the introduction of the internet in its early stages. But alas it will come to stay just like the Internet.

Knowing and realizing the dangers from these fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, Agilitee, a South African-based electronic and green tech company, decided to lead Africa into the 4th industrial revolution.

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After their success in South Africa, the company will be launching an electric vehicle and assembly plant in Ghana, after talks with government officials are done.

The deal will bring the government a step closer to achieving the goal of alleviating risks posed by the consequences of climate change.

Dr. Mandla Lamba revealed his company is in its concluding agreement with it local partners to penetrate the Ghanaian market and kickstart full operations. 

“We are currently concluding transactions to begin full operations with highly reputable businesses in Ghana. We believe Ghana is more ready for this Green revolution.

Ghana’s president has been doing his part not only for Ghana but the entire continent.”

“We are looking forward to penetrating the Ghanaian market, where people will be able to use electric appliances that harness 10% of energy. It can be used anywhere, even with solar energy,” he said. 

After its launch in South Africa, Agilitee is set to begin its operations in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malawi, and finally Zambia. 

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