Guys getaway to Florida

Florida is in the southeast of the U.S.A that is surrounded by water and a lot of beaches. There are other wonderful and historical places to be in, like Miami which is known for its beautiful beaches, culture and historical artifacts, one can also visit the parks of Orlando and also experience the fun of the famous Disney world.

Going to Disney world might not sound so manly or something a man would do but sometimes a man needs to get away from his hectic manly duties and have some time out with his friends and even get involved in a little romance and guy bonding.

Just in the case going to Disney world makes you a little uncomfortable, there are a couple of other places to visit in Florida, just like the Sandestin beach, golf resort and spa, paradise Jacksonville and a whole lot more.

When to visit Florida

You wouldn’t want your trip to be interrupted by harsh rainy weather, just indoors, away from the rain and any form of adventure, so when planning your man cruise it is important to check the favorable weather or season. Florida is one of the best and most visited cities in the summer. It is said that the best time to visit Florida is around November and May when they experience lower chances of rain. It is also important to check if you and your kids are eligible to travel by checking out your travel documents. Whether to apply for the ESTA or VISA will be determined only if your country is under the visa waiver country program, you can SUBMIT ESTA and just in case you want to save cost, the cheapest month to travel to Florida in January.

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Places to visit in Florida


Everyone wants to visit Miami because of the numerous landmarks that are evenly distributed in the city. Below are some of the best places to have fun;

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is Known for its rich history and amazing natural setting. Amelia Island is a place you can stay if you want to have a quiet time; open your window and have a view of the ocean. St. Augustine

This locale is Known for its unique attractions and old world nature; it is located on Florida’s east coast; it is an ideal place for you and your guys to have tranquil moments away from the busy adventure, catch up on old times and discuss possible business alliances.


When Orlando is mentioned, the first thing people think of is Disney World. It is no doubt that Disney world is one of the best parks in Orlando but while treating yourself to a little fairy tale don’t forget to try out some interesting dishes and play golf with your guys.


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You haven’t been to Florida if you haven’t visited Miami, a home of beaches, sun and sand getaways, graced with the beautiful ambience of nature, and interesting historical backgrounds, people from all over the world visit Miami, celebrities, normal families, girls who are also on girls trip just like you are readily available to meet. Miami is a perfect place to meet and connect with people.

Best Things to Do With Your Guys When You Are in Florida

Food Tasting

You and your guys can decide to taste the Florida different cuisines, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, and other seafood; you can also visit local restaurants, you might end up discovering a local restaurant that serves your country’s or traditional delicacies

Beer Tasting

Any hangout without beer is not a guy’s hang out, you and your guys can decide to go on a beer tasting tour, drinking beer outside. You can visit The Idyll Hounds Brewing Company and the Grayton Beer Company for a wonderful beer tasting experience, including some other brands that you have ever tasted.

Go Golfing

After enjoying bottles of beer with your guys, you can decide to get all the alcohol content in the body system out by engaging in a little exercise of golfing. By taking advantages of the so many golf parks; you may also end up looking out for golf vacation packages.

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Go On a Boat Cruise

You and your guys may decide to take the hang out to the next level by boarding a boat and sailing around the Florida beaches and partying all day and night.

Deep Sea Fishing

While on the boat cruise you can decide to excuse yourself from all the parties and entertainment by hanging out on the deck with your guys and try to fish on the high seas, you might end up catching other marine life apart from fishes.

Go Swimming

The sun might have hit you a great deal after a long day of adventures; it is always cool to chill out after a long day, what other beautiful ways to chill out apart from swimming inside the cool, clean natural waters of Florida?

Go To the Spa

Some of the guys might not know how to swim, so going to the spa might be as much fun for them. Getting wonderful and smooth massages, enjoying some tranquil moments, skin treatments and even getting into the Jacuzzi might just be the best option.

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