How to Change the Battery of a Barnes and Noble Nook Ereader

When the time comes to rejuvenate your trusty Barnes & Noble Nook eReader, think of it as giving a pacemaker to a weary heart—it's a crucial revival for continued performance.

You'll need to arm yourself with the right tools and a steady hand as you embark on this surgical procedure to replace its battery.

First, ensure you've powered down your device to avoid any electrical complications.

Carefully removing the back cover is your next step, like a gatekeeper that stands between your Nook's current fatigue and its potential for renewed vigor.

As you approach the critical moment of disconnecting the old battery and installing the new power source, remember that precision is your ally.

Stay with me, and I'll guide you through each meticulous move, ensuring your beloved eReader comes back to life, ready to accompany you on your literary adventures.

Gather Your Tools

Before you embark on replacing the battery of your Barnes & Noble Nook eReader, you'll need to gather a few essential tools. First and foremost, prioritize safety precautions. Ensure that your Nook is powered off and that you're working in a well-lit, static-free area to prevent electrical damage. You also might consider wearing safety glasses to shield your eyes from any unexpected snaps or pops that can occur when opening electronic devices.

Tool selection is critical for a smooth replacement process. You'll require a set of small precision screwdrivers, typically a Philips #00, to remove screws without stripping them. A plastic opening tool or a spudger will be invaluable to gently pry open the case without causing damage to the clips or the casing itself. It's also helpful to have a pair of tweezers to manage any small components you may encounter.

Keep a small bowl or a magnetic mat on hand to hold the screws and any other tiny parts; this will prevent them from getting lost. Lastly, ensure you've purchased the correct replacement battery for your specific Nook model. With these tools and precautions, you're set to safely and efficiently change the battery.

Power Down Your Nook

Ensure your Nook's power is completely off to prevent any electrical mishaps during the battery replacement process. This is a crucial step not only for safety but also to ensure you won't corrupt the software or damage any internal components. Turning off your device is simple, but it's an action that's often overlooked in the eagerness to address battery issues.

Powering down your Nook properly can also contribute to extending your battery lifespan and promoting healthy charging habits. To ensure your device is fully shut down and ready for a battery swap, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Press and hold the power button: Locate the power button and hold it down for a few seconds until the shutdown dialog appears.
  • Confirm shutdown: Tap 'Power off' or 'OK' (depending on your model) to confirm that you want to turn off your Nook.
  • Wait for the screen to go blank: Ensure the display is completely turned off, indicating that the device is no longer powered.
  • Check for indicator lights: Some models have lights that might stay on even when the screen is off. Make sure these are off as well.
  • Avoid charging: Don't connect your Nook to a charger during the battery replacement, as it could power back on.

Following these steps will help you safely prepare your Nook for a battery change while taking care of its long-term battery health.

Remove Back Cover

With your Nook powered off, you'll next need to carefully remove the back cover to access the battery compartment. This step is crucial and requires a gentle touch to avoid damaging your device. The backplate material is often made of plastic, which can be sensitive to pressure and prone to cracks. Start by locating any notches or openings along the edge of your Nook designed for prying the back cover off. Using a plastic opening tool or a fingernail, gently work around the edges, applying even pressure to lift the backplate away from the main body.

Be mindful of Warranty considerations before proceeding. Opening your Nook could potentially void any existing warranty. If your device is still under warranty, you may want to consider seeking professional assistance from Barnes & Noble or an authorized service provider. If you choose to continue, do so with the understanding that you're assuming responsibility for any potential damage.

Once the back cover is detached, set it aside in a safe place. You now have access to the battery compartment and are one step closer to replacing your Nook's battery. Proceed with caution as you move on to the next steps in the battery replacement process.

Disconnect Old Battery

Gently disconnect the old battery by lifting the connector tab from the motherboard of your Nook eReader. It's crucial to do this carefully to ensure that you don't damage any of the delicate components. Once the connector is free, you can remove the battery from its housing.

Keep these key points in mind to stay safe and informed during the process:

  • Battery Safety: Handle the old battery with care to avoid puncturing or bending it, which could pose a fire hazard.
  • Proper Tools: Use a plastic pry tool or spudger for disconnecting to prevent any short circuits.
  • Steady Hands: Ensure your hands are steady and you're working in a well-lit environment.
  • Recycling Options: Research local recycling options for your old Nook battery, as batteries shouldn't be thrown in the trash.
  • Replacement: Have your new battery ready and ensure it's the correct model for your Nook.

Install New Battery

Now that you've removed the old battery, it's time to install the new one into your Nook eReader, aligning it carefully with the designated contacts. Start by positioning the new battery into the battery compartment, ensuring the connectors align precisely with the contact points in the device. Press down gently but firmly to make sure the battery is seated correctly.

With the battery in place, you'll want to reconnect any cables or connectors that you detached earlier. This step is crucial for restoring the power supply to your Nook. Make sure the connections are secure but avoid applying excessive force that could damage the delicate components.

Once everything is connected, replace the back cover of your Nook, snapping it back into position. You should feel or hear a slight click as it locks into place, indicating that the cover is properly secured.

Now, it's time to charge your Nook with its fresh battery. Remember, your charging habits can significantly influence the battery lifespan. To maximize this lifespan, avoid leaving your eReader plugged in all the time, and try not to let the battery drain completely before recharging. By following these simple tips, you'll ensure your Nook remains powered up for all your reading adventures.


You've done it! With your tools in hand, you powered down your Nook, skillfully removed the back cover, and disconnected the old battery.

The new battery is now securely installed. Give yourself a pat on the back; your Nook is rejuvenated and ready to accompany you through countless pages once again.

Remember to recycle the old battery responsibly, and enjoy your refreshed reading experience without any pesky power worries.

Happy reading!

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