How to convert 4K MKV to MP4 format with Simple but professional WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

More often than not, People find it challenging to play MKV videos, due to format incompatibility, audio/video out of sync, choppy playback, MKV shuttering, no sound, frame dropping, VLC freezes, etc.

In this case, instead of looking for players that support the MKV format, it’s wise to convert MKV files to MP4 format which can be easily streamed and played on various devices.

For converting the MKV to MP4, there are two different options. You can convert using video conversion software or an online client. Converting videos using an online client can be frustrating and time-consuming most, especially if there is a low network connection.

For ease and fast conversion, it will be advisable to use video conversion software for converting the MKV file to mp4. There are many video converting editors that you can use to convert your videos from MKV to MP4 for free. Because of the competition in the market, almost all the converters perform the functions they claimed to do, but some offer best results than others.

We have come across many video converters that seem to perform this function and used most of them. We’ve seen the results that each of them offers, but there is one that gives better results than the others.

We introduce to you Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe, our number one fast speed, and high-quality MKV to MP4 video converter.


MKV files always save a large-sized video in HD or 4K UHD resolution, which requires high hardware for playback, resulting in MKV playback error, etc. To fix such frustrating MKV playback issues, you should convert the MKV to MP4 using the Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe helps convert any MKV to MP4 for playback on more devices at the fastest speed while keeping quality intact. Its develop with Full Hardware Acceleration, High-Quality Engine, and more cutting-edge technologies with dozens of presets allowing you to convert MKV to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Xbox, or other devices directly. The converter has a wide variety of features that make it a number choice for many.

Why WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best MKV to MP4 converter:

  1. Convert any 4K video (MKV/HEVC/H.265/M2TS) to MP4, H.264, HEVC, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, and other 200+ formats.
  2. Convert any video to PC, iPhone XS/X, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Xbox, Sony, and more devices for watching anytime.
  3. Powered by full GPU acceleration and Hyper-threading, convert MKV to MP4 at No.1 fast speed, 47X faster than others.
  4. Built-in High-Quality Engine delivers lossless output video quality, no audio/video out of sync, frame drop, or subtitle disorder errors.
  5. Edit/Trim/Merge/Subtitle Videos at Ease
  6. Get Highest Quality Video at Smallest Size
  7. Online Downloader and Video Converter
  8. 8Make & Convert Photo Picture Slideshow Video
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The above features offered by the Winx HD Video converter can’t be found in some of the converters, and this was what made many people to like the software and become number one used video conversion software in the market.

Now let’s look at how to use the converter and also see where to get the converter to download free of charge.

To use the Winx HD video converter you first need to download it from the developer’s page. There are different versions of the Winx HD converter, and each version comes with different features and packages. Winx HD video converter comes with a free and a paid version. For an average user, the free version should be ok but to enjoy the converter to the fullest, you will have to acquire the product license at a minimal cost.

How To Download And Use The Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

Before you get access to the video converter, you need to first download either the free version of the Full version. As we made mention, you can have access to the free version and use it without any problem, but if your goal is to have a better experience with the converter, then you should consider getting the full version.

It does not cost much to acquire the full version. It cost only $59.95 to get the license key for the pro version of this great MKV to Mp4 video converter. This, to me, is a fair deal when you compare the price to benefit you are going to enjoy from the software.

Maybe you may have been thinking that this is too costly you cannot afford, you’ll go for other free software of similar purpose. Yeah, it may look costly to you in the first place, but once you get your hands on the converter, you will realize that there is a value for money in the product.

But wait! You still can’t afford the $59.95 cost for the license right? Ok! Fine, there is an alternative to that. For a limited period, the developers of the HD Video Converter are offering this product for just $19.95 for people who are ready to purchase the product within some stipulated period. They are running out a summer campaign for the product license key, alongside with some free sweepstakes.

Starting from today till August 5, 2019, you can purchase this full product version with lifetime upgrade for only $19.95 and enjoy all the benefit at this cut down price.

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Talking about the giveaway license and sweepstakes! Yes, just like any other product manufacturers, every summer, developer’s try’s to reward their loyal customers, both new and potential customers by offering them a gift contest. Winx HD converter developers are not an exception.

They are currently running an offer that seeks to reward the winners with a free Samsung Flat 55” QLED 4K Q60 Series, NVIDIA SHIELD TV Gaming Edition, Digital 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive and an unlimited number of Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe License Code.

How to Participate in Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe Giveaway and Samsung 4K TV Sweepstakes

Like any other contests, to have access to the giveaways, you first have to visit the promotion page. Click here to go to the page. Also, you can see the official rule for participating in the giveaway and the sweepstakes here.

Once you find yourself on the page, all that you need to do is look for the call to action form that is located beside the promotional item to be won in the free giveaways contest.

Now in the call to action form, you will see two sections. The first section you enter your name and the second demanding for email, fill in the two details and then click on the call to action button (Try My Luck) to book a place in the giveaway.

What’s next after submitting Application to the Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe Giveaway?

Once you submit your entry, you will be given the free Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe Giveaway license. This means you can immediately download the product and begin to enjoy the giveaway features and functions of the video converter.

Now you’ll have to wait for the Samsung 4K TV sweepstakes promotion period to end and then see if you’ll be lucky enough to be chosen among the winners. But before that, there are something’s you can do to increase your chance of being selected as a winner.

You will be given a chance to share the promotional page to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and also subscribing to the developers YouTube channel. Doing this will not guarantee you winning but can increase your chance of winning.

How Can One Know If He/She Has Been Selected For The Samsung 4k Sweepstakes?

As mentioned earlier, the promotion is set to come to an end on the August 5th of August 2019. After the said date, no entry will be accepted. On the 10th of August 2019, a random draw will be conducted, and 10 winners will be chosen from all the participants to win the prizes.

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The winners will be announced on the contest rules page, on the Winx HD Converter Facebook, Twitter and also all lucky winners will be notified by email.

“If the winner does not respond within 5 days of notification, an alternate winner will be selected at random from all remaining entries received.

How to convert MKV to MP4 with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

To use Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe and convert MKV to MP4, You will first have to download and install any of the versions.

Now, after downloading and installing WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe onto your computer, you only need 3 simple steps to get MKV converted to MP4.

Follow the below simple three steps for the conversion process.

First, open the converter and load the MKV file you want to convert to an MP4 file format from your computer. You can do so by clicking on the + Video button located at the top left corner of converters interface, and then browse to open the folder where the MKV file is Saved. You can choose multiple files at a go and do batch conversion.

Once you load the source files, an Output Profile panel will pop up automatically on the screen. Here, you’ll find different preset MP4 output. Select MP4 Video (codec: H.264+ AAC) under General Profiles category for best quality and compression ratio.

The final step is to click the “RUN” button to start converting MKV video files to MP4 instantly. After a successful conversion, you get your output in the form of MP4 video and can playback on desktop, HDTVs, PS4, Xbox, Plex, mobiles and more.

Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe Full Version VS Giveaway License Offer

Wrapping up

Getting the best MKV to MP4 converter has never been easy and with this simple but detailed guide, we hope you find your solution to the troubles in playing MKV videos, caused by the format incompatibility, audio/video out of sync, MKV shuttering, no sound, frame dropping, and the frequent VLC freezes.

Now you can choose to participate in the free Winx HD video converter deluxe free license giveaway if you don’t mind of the other advanced features offered by the full version.

But if you do the mind of the other features that are offered by the full version of the Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe, then you can take advantage of this seasonal offer and get yourself the full license version at a cool $19.95.

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