How to Install Power Point Viewer for Windows

Do you ever want to have an incredible tool that can help create stunning and professional looking presentations without having a steep learning curve? Well, MS PowerPoint is your best bet. It allows users from every skill set put together presentation designs, makes photo albums by utilizing various elements such as creative display texts, uses image effects and even adds music or soundtrack to your presentation. All these incredible features allow PowerPoint to remain an industry standard tool today.

Due to its popularity, you can always rely on it to create incredible slides and show thoughts in a more professional way. Nonetheless, your worry should only be how you make your presentation. Although MS PowerPoint is an Industry leading presentation tool in this age, some people don’t use MS office applications.

Therefore, they can easily run into some complications and they need to make their presentation without having to install PowerPoint on the local machine they’re using for display. If that is the situation, you don’t need to panic. Even people who are non-Microsoft users can still make their presentation and appreciate the power of PowerPoint if they use the right tool to access them.

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In the past, most users who didn’t have PowerPoint installed on their PC had complications in their attempt to open up presentations made from Microsoft App. However, today there’ re many solutions to this issue. Different third party software provides users with the ability to view PowerPoint presentations. Nonetheless, the applications always have disastrous results. The apps may alter the original display and nearly make it unrecognizable.

In addition, despite being useful alternatives, most of the apps are not entirely compatible with MS PowerPoint. Moreover, the absence of various features like transition effects and animation always lead to a flawed presentation.

Luckily, Microsoft has developed a perfect solution to address these issues. The solution is referred to use PowerPoint Viewer.


What’s PowerPoint Viewer?

A PowerPoint Viewer is a free Microsoft tool, which allows any PC to display PowerPoint presentations as they were intended to be viewed. In addition, it’s worthy to note that the tool doesn’t address all the problems of all the features that were added after the 2010 release. PowerPoint Viewer lets users view a full-featured presentation create in MS Office app 97 and later versions with full fidelity. Besides, it also supports opening password-protected presentations. Through the viewer, you can print presentations but cannot make any edits to the original file. You can only use the fonts that accompany the Viewer to display and print content from a Windows running device. However, you can’t copy, install or use the fonts on other devices.

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But you can still acquire it and display your presentation as accurately as possible. If you’re a Windows user, highlighted below are the steps to follow in order to install PowerPoint Viewer.

How to Install Power Point Viewer for Windows

Beforehand, there’re minimum system requirements for installing PowerPoint Viewer.

  • Processors 500 MHz
  • Hard disk 2 Gb
  • RAM 256 Mb
  • Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, service pack 1
  • Display resolution 1024*768

At this point, it’s safe to say that the app is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Login to Microsoft account through the above URL and download PowerPoint viewer.
  2. Once downloaded, right click on the executable file and run it is an administrator.
  3. A window dialog box will open up next. Read through the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer license agreement and if you agree, click the check box Click Here to accept
  4. Next, click continue. The setup wizard will open up. Click Next
  5. Choose partition to install PowerPoint Viewer files then click install.
  6. Once done, click Ok in order to complete the process.
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Note: It’s always a safe practice to restart your PC once you’re through with installing a software.

What makes PowerPoint Viewer Unique?

  • It keeps custom effects, fonts, transition, and anything else intact.
  • The app is absolutely free
  • It allows you to print and view password protected presentation without much hassle. A feature which is missing in some of the third-party software’s.

Final Thoughts

tools that offer compatibility with PowerPoint files, the viewer actually displays the presentation the way it was created. Viewer provides pixel-perfect accuracy with a smooth transition effect witnessed while making a presentation. Even if you’re not having MS Office applications installed on your system, the Viewer will give you an intact and smooth presentation experience. In addition, with the Viewer in place, you don’t need to be worried about not having access to password-protected documents since you can still have access to them and print the document when necessary.

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