How To Make Sure The Products You Buy From Aliexpress Are Always Delivered

Aliexpress is currently among if not the leading e-commerce shops in the world. It has over millions of products you can shop at affordable prices. people all over the world prefer to buy from Aliexpress simply because the products on those shop are of reasonable prices. Today, most of the e-commerce stores take their shipments from the Alibaba shops through a process known as dropshipping.

In our previous post, we looked at The Easiest Ways to Shop from Aliexpress if you are in Ghana. We talked about how to shop from the Aliexpress store and have it delivered to your home address in Ghana. After that post, a lot of concern was raised.

Most people are still in doubt whether they will really get their products once they made the purchase. Others also made a complaint that they had made an order and never had their goods. All these are of concern to most of us, especially the newbie shoppers.

I have been shopping on the Aliexpress platform for five years now and have never had challenges in getting my goods. I always make sure I follow some simple precautions which I’m going to share with you in this post. If you’re planning of placing an order on the Aliexpress platform, then make sure to read this post to the end

  • Find a Reputable Seller
  • Request for Shipment tracking code
  • Use the right shipping address
  • Look For Buyer Protection
  • Communicate with the Seller before Purchasing

Find a Reputable Seller

Even though Aliexpress has put in some measures to prevent unscrupulous sellers on the platform, there are some sellers who still have a low reputation on the platform. Buying from these sellers will give you a 50/50 chance of getting your products delivered to your destination. The best way to make sure your products are being delivered to your destination is to buy from sellers with high reputation.


If thousands of satisfied customers have used the seller in the past and give a positive review, then you’re far less likely to run into problems. So when buying from a seller, consider the number of successfully delivery that the seller has made, the Positive Feedback percentage and Feedback Score. This will minimize the chance of you not getting your product delivered to you.

Request for Shipment tracking

By default, most sellers on the Aliexpress store offers a shipment tracking to their buyers. But should in case your seller did not provide one, ask him/her to do so. This will enable you to know the status of your goods at any checkpoint.

When you have information on the location of your parcel you can move on to monitor its progress. Once your tracking status shows your parcel is at your country’s post office, and you are not getting a call from the office, you can grab your ID and hurry up to pick up your package. But in most cases, you will be contacted once the package is set for delivery at your specified address.

Use The Right Shipping Address

Some people have always mistaken shipping address with the billing address. Shipping address is the address you want the goods to be delivered to. Whiles Billing addresses are the address on the credit card that is being used to place the order. Buyers to a product get their invoice being sent to the billing address. A lot of time people’s product gets delivered to the wrong address due to the minor mistakes made at the checkout point on the Aliexpress.

Before you complete the checkout process, make sure you cross-check and certain that the address you are asking the seller to deliver the goods to us the right address and can easily be contacted with such details should in case your products arrive in your country.

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For instance, a buyer from Ghana can choose to use his or her postal/street address together with the Region and District as a shipping address. In this case, once the goods arrived at Accra which is the capital city, the Ghana Post Office will then sort all the items and send them to the various Regions. Once the products are in the Region then the Regional Post office will also sort and deliver to the District. In that case, the goods can easily be traced and then get to you with good faith.

Look For Buyer Protection

Buying from Aliexpress always put in some confidence in the buyer because of their buyer protection policy. Almost all the products from the Aliexpress have the 60-Day Buyer Protection (Money-back guarantee). This comes in if the items you ordered are missing, have some defective, or incorrect item is shipped to you. In order to ensure that your items are delivered to you, try and always check for the buyer production on the product before placing your order.

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Communicate with the Seller before placing an order

Most sellers don’t ship their product to some specific country’s or cities. many a time, you will see a product with a free shipping label on but once you order the product, the order turn to be decline. Before making a purchase, do communicate with the seller using the Chat or Messaging system that is provided by Aliexpress. Always ask the seller details on any item you wish to buy. Details such as shipping or delivery method and delivery countries. You can use the Chat or Messaging system that is provided by Aliexpress to talk to the seller. This we believe can also minimize the risk of you not getting your products once they are ordered from the Aliexpress.

There you have it. A guide on how to make sure the products you buy from Aliexpress are always delivered. We hope these tips will be of help to you when purchasing an item from Aliexpress.

Your turn

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