How To Make The Most Of Your Morning Commute

The morning commute is considered by some as the most laborious part of any workday and there’s no arguing with that point. From overwhelming and never-ending traffic to feeling packed like a sardine on public transit—it’s clear why some try to go out of their way to make it slightly more enjoyable or avoid it completely by working from home most of the time. If you don’t have the luxury to work from home just yet or prefer working in an office but hate the process of getting there, here are a few ways to make the most of your commute so that it doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time and energy.

Work On The Go

A great way to stay productive while on a long public transit commute and also make the time go by a bit fast is by taking your work with you during it. What better way to finish up that slideshow for the day’s meeting or answer a few emails than when you’re forced to sit for hours at a time before you can actually make it into the office and begin your day? Take advantage of the undisturbed alone time and get ahead of your schedule rather than ruminating on how long it is taking or whether you’ll be at the current stop for much longer. To make it that much easier for you to have access to all your work whenever, wherever, opt to store it all in a virtual data room, that affords you the utmost security—especially important for any company or client information you may need to access.

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Use It For Exercise

If you don’t want to dive into your work before you settle yourself into your desk for the day, then the morning commute to the office might work better as your opportunity for a daily workout. Instead of sitting on a bus or train for a few hours, use this as a way to get in a daily run so that your evenings are free. Or, have a positive impact on the environment and opt to use a bicycle instead as your method of transportation. Not only will a morning workout make the time getting to work fly by, but it will also give you enough energy to tackle the day and alleviate some of the stress that you would have otherwise accumulated from the crowded transit ride.

Meditate Before Getting Into The Office

That hour bus ride that you’re catching up on the latest episode of a TV show or listening to a podcast to pass the time can be better spent meditating before you have to tackle another busy day at the office. Take advantage of the time you have alone and focus your mindset on positive and productive thoughts to help you through the day. It’s easy to lose yourself in piles of work and forget to enjoy every day to its fullest—meditation is a great way to centre yourself and can be done from anywhere you choose.

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Write In Your Journal

Journaling is a fairly specific activity, however, is a great practice for anyone that may find themselves losing perspective amongst the weekly grind. Instead of worrying about uncontrollable things during your commute—like how long it will take or how uncomfortably close that person is sitting next to you—focus on yourself and document whatever it is you might be feeling that morning when your eyes might still be bleary from sleep and that coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Staying self-aware is incredibly important to your mental and physical health as it dictates the understanding you have of yourself form an objective point of view. This is especially important for those who live a fairly habitual life; it’s easy to get lost in the repetitiveness of daily tasks and forget to check in with yourself. It’s necessary to ask yourself if you are happy doing what you do every day and journaling is an easy way to do that on your way to work.

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