How to outline restricted mode on the Vidmate platform

As far as entertainment evolves people are exploring various options on how to enjoy it. The world of mobile apps helps one to achieve this with ease. There are numerous apps in the market and people would look up to the entertainment options. To achieve perfect happiness you need to consider the right platform.

No way denying the fact that whenever you have time you stare on to multimedia content. But the selection of the perfect app is necessary and Vidmate download helps to achieve that endeavour.

Yes, this poses to be a superior application and you can download videos from YouTube along with a host of other sites. In addition, you can enjoy music, funny music and even HD videos. The problem is that YouTube has put a restriction on appropriate online content that can be viewed by users. If your kids are using your mobile phone a lot then better to put it on restricted mode.

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The idea about restricted mode

If you happen to is one sticking to a superlative mode so as to block unwanted videos from sites, and then click on the secret mode? If this is not the case then you might be even provided with adult videos unknowingly. Not only images of various sites will be provided to the users.

It does make sense to activate the restricted mode so that you do not have to deal with such issues. If you enable restricted videos it has numerous benefits as you have access to quality videos only. Failure to activate this mode might provide you with adult videos that are not desired. Yes, the restricted mode is possible and this is enabled by schools, colleges or educational institutions though by default the restricted mode is in turn off mode.

The process on how to activate restricted mode

Suppose if you are finding it hard to activate the restricted mode, then do go on to follow the below-mentioned steps and make it a point that you enjoy quality videos from anywhere and everywhere.


In fact, if you turn on the restricted mode, you will not be able to watch 18 + videos and even not be able to flip through the comments that you post.

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  • Firstly you have to proceed on to YouTube page
  • Then log into your account
  • On the top hand corner of the page tap on to account
  • Here at this juncture, you will have the page of the main menu
  • Then you have to click on the Settings option
  • Once done you have to enable the restricted mode option
  • The moment it turns on to blue colour then the restricted mode option is on

So this pretty much sums up the evolution of the restricted mode. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can enable the restricted mode. So, cash in on the above set of information and watch videos on the YouTube platform. If you do so there would be relief from unrestricted videos as well.

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