How To Stay Anonymous On The Internet

The internet is definitely a great work of technology that has massively impacted social life, economic transactions and general human behaviour.

One of the many problems associated with the internet, however, is Safety. Due to the networks associated with the internet and its framework, security is one of the key things everyone must look out for when accessing an internet portal.

Security could be in terms of credit card details, contact details, other payment details, browsing history and many other security risks.

One general way of ensuring that your presence on the internet is generally secure is to stay anonymous on the internet.

In this article, we shall look at ways of staying anonymous on the internet so as to promote your safety and security.


Using VPNS

A VPN, meaning Virtual Private Network provides you with the ability to access the internet with a different IP address and location which makes it impossible for owners of websites you visit and trackers to identify you.

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VPNs are generally software which you install on your computer or mobile device and turn on whenever you wish to go anonymous. However, most VPNs come at a cost per month or per year.

Once you are logged into your VPN, you get to choose from a list of countries, where you want your device to show that you’re accessing the internet from.

Also, since VPNs make you change the location of your device, VPNs enable you to have access to websites and contents that are otherwise only available to people within certain jurisdictions.

You need to know however that not all VPNs are very good. Whereas most of them are good, the free VPNs rather tend to invade into your privacy rather than protect your privacy.

Therefore, it is important for you to check the ratings and reviews of every VPN before you download and install them.

Browsing The Internet In Safe Mode

Well, I actually saved the easier method for the last. Intentionally so you could always remember this one and use it.

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Most web browsers come with an in-built functionality which enables you to keep your browsing data safe from hackers and trackers who may be on your trail.

While this feature may be named differently in every browser, they all do the same job and are mostly very good at doing that very job.

In Google Chrome, it is the ‘Incognito’ mode. In Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, it is the ‘Private browsing’ mode.

These modes listed above preventing your computer from keeping records of passwords, credit card details used, and you browsing history for as long as your browser operates in the Incognito mode.

Shortcuts For Activating Private Browsing On various Browsers

Here, we look at the various shortcut keys for activating the Private Browsing experience on various types of browsers.

BrowserPrivate Browsing Shortcut
Google ChromeCtrl + Shift + N
Microsoft EdgeCtrl + Shift + P
Mozilla FirefoxCtrl + Shift + P
Internet ExplorerCtrl + Shift + P


While there may be many other ways of browsing the internet in a private or anonymous mode, the methods addressed above are some of the most solid and reliable ones we have come across.

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Your safety on the internet is as important as it is for you to lock your door when going out. Your information on the internet can be used against you in so many ways so try as much as possible to use the private browsing mode when visiting suspicious or high-risk sites. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this post, kindly drop them in the comment box beneath this post.

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