How to store synthetic urine

If you are looking to maintain the integrity of your synthetic urine over a prolonged duration, the proper handling and storage of your supply are vital. The reason for this is that fake pee cannot preserve the odour, colour, and temperature all by itself, and instead needs to be handled with care. By doing this, you will avoid getting caught and consequently having to deal with the consequences of not passing a drug test such as going to jail, getting fired as well as any embarrassment. Therefore, read through this article if you are looking for ways of properly storing synthetic urine, and you will get some valuable insight on how to do this effectively.


Do not reheat and re-cool several times

You must never expose the monkey flask to extremely cold or hot temperatures, as this affects its integrity. Likewise, rapid recycling between two extreme temperatures can also ruin the reliability of your fake pee. Therefore, you should always store the synthetic urine in a stable temperature environment, and this will prevent it from expiring faster than it should. To confirm whether or not it is still good, you can take a validity test.

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You should not open unnecessarily

Synthetic urine starts to deteriorate after it gets exposed to oxygen because this leads to a considerable change in the pH levels. Therefore, you should always make sure you seal the fake pee properly in an airtight container as you wait to take the planned test. When you are just about to take the test, you can then go ahead and break the seal since this will not impact its reliability.

Always store in a cool, dry place far from the reach of direct sunlight

Exposing your fake pee to direct sunlight is a sure way of messing up the pH balance, thereby resulting in it expiring much faster. Thus, always make sure the synthetic urine is placed in a dry, cool place that is out of the reach of direct sunlight. Ideally, fake urine needs to be stored in a refrigerator, but temperatures between 68 degrees and 75 degrees are okay, with this a certain way of ensuring it does not spoil hence not useful during a drug test. Nevertheless, the accidental exposure to sunlight for a few minutes or an hour will not affect the fake pee, as this needs to be for a prolonged duration. Additionally, opting for reputable brands with a longer shelf life is recommended as they typically are less susceptible to damage due to extreme temperatures.

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Taking a drug test is, without a doubt, a scary undertaking, especially if you risk losing employment or getting imprisoned. Fortunately, you need not worry as you can evade this thanks to fake pee, which provides you with a reliable, fast, and easy solution. However, to make sure the synthetic urine lasts for an extended duration to reach the day of the drug test, you need to implement the storage tips as mentioned above. Consequently, you never again need to worry about whether or not the integrity of the fake pee has been compromised so long as it is before the expiry date.

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