How to use Google Fax Free service using CocoFax

Fax machines have been for long ignored due to the superlative innovations that took the world by storm. Recently, social media applications and E-mail facilities have made fax machines historical. However, certain documents are better organized and sent in the fax. Therefore, you require a certain fax solution that operates regardless of the environment.

CocoFaxis a complete service that can be used for transferring your important fax documents over the internet. Amazingly, CocoFax requires only a stable internet connection to send your fax to the recipients. The service connects your G-mail ID with the fax number this service provides. This is a superior innovation that is marked for its diligent and uninterrupted services.

The most important point of using this service is that fax Google works without any concealed charges or security issues. The end to end encryption facility is pretty useful for transferring confidential information and requires nothing but an internet facility.

Site Affiliation

GoogleFaxfree is an affiliated site of CocoFax. This affiliate site does not alternate your fax routine as it is an affiliate site. In order to avail the brilliant services for 30 days, you need to use CocoFax whose qualities are described below:

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Cocofax is used by millions and is a  virtuoso that possesses incredibly exotic features that even rival with the previous versions of online fax services. its characteristics are listed below:


CocoFaxis a reliable online fax service that has been featured in many big outlets, such as The Verge, New York Times, Mac World, 9to5Mac, New York Magazine and more. You can clearly guess that Google Fax is a renowned and reputed brand that is being used all around the world for its authenticity. To test the remarkable services we provide, visit GoogleFaxfree’s official website so you can always keep a check on the brilliant features of GoogleFaxfree.

Features of CocoFax

CocoFax is an incredibly recognized and able software that can help you fax from your pc without any problem. While using the traditional fax machine, a whole lot of troubles can occur out of nowhere and there are numerous problems that can abate your office routine.

To cope with such problems, you need a competent on-line fax provider that can solve all of the troubles that rise up at some stage in your office work. GoogleFaxfree is available in reachable with exceptional cool capabilities that make it stand proud of the competition within the marketplace. Once you appoint this authentic fax software in your each day fax desires, you in no way will fear longer the antique fax issues that once restricted you.

CocoFaxis a huge call that is recognized and renowned all throughout the globe. it’s miles favoured for presenting us with a free fax variety that can be used to provide access to your G-mail identity.

What Makes it Stand Out

Free Fax Numbers

CocoFax is a huge service that is recognized and renowned all throughout the globe. It’s favoured for presenting us with a free fax variety that can be used to provide access to your G-mail identity.

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Superior Services

CocoFax makes positive that every one of your devices can offer to get right of entry to this fax wizard. CocoFax is eligible to run on any running system that includes the MAC, Windows, IOS, and Android. GoogleFaxfree facilitates clients within the maximum capacity and simplest manner possible.

Reliable Service

CocoFax ambitions to ease all of your troubles which could stop you from a good fax game. Our carrier is completely reliable and is trusted by using tens of millions throughout the globe. The fax source record is completely encrypted and is completely covered from any outside quandary.

Completely Secure

CocoFax is understood to be absolutely stored and guarded against the troubles that lurk in any fax system usage. The superior fax employs an entire safety protocol and makes certain that your facts are kept safe and sound from any character, agency or company.

The Process Of Sending Fax

Step 1: Register Details

CocoFax helps you avail of a 30-day trial at no cost. This provider may be used for 30 days to ensure the services that we provide are satisfactory for the number of customers. The loose trial is provided to the G-mail address that has been provided to you. Therefore, preserving your G-mail at ease and personal is the key to safety.

Step 2: Provide G-mail Access

CocoFax encrypts the Gmail address you supplied and registers your account without cost. Once your account has been registered, avail the sizzling offers provided through CocoFaxto ensure that the brand new fax is lots cooler and less complicated to deal with.

Step 3: The Setup Process

In the ‘To’ field where you normally enter the email address of the person who receives a fax, you will have to enter their fax number followed by ‘’. For example, if their fax number is ‘123456’, you will need to input:” [email protected]”.

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Step 4: Finishing

Once all of these formalities are fulfilled, make sure to make the best use of this facility and avail the best of its features before the time runs out.

Once you click on ‘Send’, CocoFaxwill receive your fax and forward it to the fax number of the recipient. The persons who are expecting important messages receive the fax on their fax machine. The procedure is a minute fraction of time and is especially fast depending on your internet connection.

When the fax has been transmitted successfully, you will get a notification in your Gmail inbox that the fax was delivered successfully. If for any reason your fax is unsuccessful, CocoFaxwill sends you a notification about the same.

How to Receive Fax on Gmail

Receiving is relatively milder and exceedingly fast due to the fact that it does not consumes much of your time. CocoFax welcomes the receiving fax mails to facilitate the recipient.

The especially essential element in relation to receiving fax is obtaining a fax variety. You are allowed to share the allocated fax quantity with any man or woman who wishes to send you a fax with no interference. CocoFax makes sure that every demand of the person is met and you are given a whole fax solution right away.


Avail the best solution for a 30 day trial period from the biggest online fax solution to compete with your daily office requirements. Use the best electronic fax service to feel the taste of tradition with technology. CocoFax allows you to Devour on our relentless and free trial to experience the best online fax services right from your PC!

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