How To Watch Movies, TV Shows And Live TV On Your Smartphone

The beauty of the smartphone is that you can do virtually everything anywhere at any time. The smartphone today has come and make the life of every individual easy and simple.

Today, these devices are mostly used for entertainment and educational purpose. As a smartphone owner, you can you don’t need to be by your cable TV before you can watch all your favorite movie shows and live sports telecast.


You can use your device to easily get access to all the TV programmes with just some clicks. With the advancement in the app development, a lot of applications have been developed to help every smartphone user to have access to virtually all the channels that he/she wants to watch.

There are many apps that can be used to watch movies, TV shows and live sports on a phone. But in this post we are going to look at the Kodi App which is the best among all the streaming apps. When I say the best I mean what I say. The app we are going to look at in this post is free and open source software that anyone can use for free to stream any channel online.

The kodi app is one of the most popular media players developed by XBMC for streaming movies, music and even games. It is open source software that is free to use.

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With the rise in the cost of cable TV, the kodi software today has become the most popular software used by people to stream TV channels from around the world.


But you have to know is that, the kodi player does not contain any content what so ever. This means you have to provide your own content for the player.

The software works with what is known as add-ons. These add-ons are what help the software to capture content from various repositories sources online.

In this post we are going to look at how to get the app installed on your device and look at the various settings for streaming.

How to Get the App On you Device

Like any other app, the kodi app can be found on the Google playstore and that of the Appstore. So to get the app, you need to install it from these two stores. You can also download it from the official XBMC website.

Now once the app is installed, what you need to do is to install the add-ons for your TV streaming and movie watching.

Below are the steps for installing any add-on on the kodi software.

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As I made mentioned earlier, the app has no any content on, so any content you install on the app is coming from an external source. In other to install this external source content, you will first need to turn on the “install from unknown source” To turn on the “unknown source” you first Launch Kodi app on your smartphone device.

Now look for to System Settings on the app menu and then under the system settings locate Add-ons

Now toggle on the “Unknown sources option” and click “Yes” when a pop-up appears

Now go back to the Home screen by using the back key on your phone menu

Now click on the settings once again and locate “File Manager” from the menu and then click on “Add Source”

Now a field will appear for you to type the source address. Type the empty field.

Type Legion to name it and then click OK

Now go back to Add-ons from the Home screen

Now look at the top you will see the Package Installer (the opened-box icon), tap on it. This will open a submenu.

From the submenu, look for “Install from Zip file” and click on it

Here, Find and click Legion, from the list of items

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Now the will appear “” click on it to begin the installation.

Once the repo is installed and enabled, head to “Install from repository”

Select MR FREEWORLD and then Video Add-ons

Now from the list, locate “Guillermo Tell” and click on it to download

Once the add-on is successfully installed, you can go to Add-ons from Home screen then Open Guillermo add-on and enjoy.

The video below is visual display of all the steps mentioned in the above article. You can watch and get the best understanding of the steps. Please once you are on the video page subscribe, like and share the video to reach more.

Note: You can now search for other add-ons and follow the above steps to install and watch more TV series and shows on the kodi app.

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