How to Work with Offshore Software Developers

Is remote work the future? Globally, statistics and trends show that it is a strong possibility. Companies, leaders, and managers seek to develop their organizations, one of the ways to achieve this is by investing in remote tech jobs. Globally, there is a continued increase in the demand for remote jobs, especially remote tech jobs and remote IT jobs. For more specific information, find out here about remote Android development.

Evidently, 34% of the full-time workforce of companies, in a survey conducted at the Global Leadership Summit on London, is forecasted to be working remotely by 2020. In the results of the 2016/2017 European IT Outsourcing study conducted by Whitelane Research, clients remain satisfied with 89% of outsourcing contracts, supporting the strong overall performance of the outsourcing service provider community in Europe alone. Not only does remote work highly in-demand in Europe, but in other parts of the world as well. The study conducted by Gallup, provides details on the state of the American workplace, including findings on jobs lost to outsourcing statistics. Most industries have embraced remote work and have risen to 47% from 2012 to 2016.

Working with Remote Teams

With the IT sector becoming more of a global market, companies are more competitive both the products and services that they provide and recruiting talented and skilled professionals. Add to this, is the rising demand for remote IT jobs, including remote software developer jobs. Because of the convenience provided by technology, workers nowadays find flexibility to be a criterion in accepting a job. Remote work becomes a career and is more attractive to skilled professionals.

This trend of companies working with remote teams only shows how well outsourcing, including its various models such as outstaffing and dedicated teams, has impacted companies all over the world. There are a number of advantages to working with remote developers.

  • Cost-efficiency. Reduced cost is one of the major driving forces for increased outsourcing in organizations. Without the need to establish physical operations, costs are greatly reduced and can be reallocated to even more critical project development aspects.
  • Increased team productivity. Working with remote teams enable companies to focus on core company skills and products. This leads to improved productivity in the company and its staff, as well as an improved company portfolio.
  • Innovation. Globalization is the direction at which companies are moving towards. Remote team collaboration and outstaffing are some of the ways that you and your company can utilize to reach a wider global IT market. There are various project management software and remote management software tools that can ease and optimize the experience.
  • Collaboration with global talent. Collaborating with offshore software development teams provides you with the opportunity to recruit and work alongside a global team of skilled professionals. Remote team collaboration will bring the diverse backgrounds of these remote teams and enhance your development project.
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How to Manage Remote Teams

Working with offshore software development teams can be a challenge. However, there are ways to avoid these mistakes in remote team collaborations and ways on how to manage a remote team.

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Establish and maintain communication lines

Communication is key when working with remote teams. Because offshore software development teams are spread over large distances, remote team communication becomes a pillar in ensuring that projects work the way that project managers and remote developers need it to. Establishing and maintaining communication lines is an aspect of remote team collaboration that project managers and remote dedicated teams need to plan for and make the effort of maintaining.

Planning is essential

As mentioned above, project managers need to plan ahead. As the saying goes, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”. Overall goals and broken down objectives need to be established by the project managers even before meeting with outsourcing services providers. This also includes identifying project scope and remote team specifications. This simply means that project managers need to know what they need. Planning can also include negotiations with the remote software development teams on how best to achieve the goals of the project given their particular skills. With a plan in place, both the project manager and the remote team are of one mind concerning the goals of the project and would improve the efficiency of the team.

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Encourage and participate in discussions

This ties in with establishing communication. Not only should communication lines be available, but should also be utilized as a platform for feedback mechanism for the project team. The project manager should encourage discussion among and with the team, this enables the team to put forward their ideas that could improve the project as well as concerns regarding any aspect of the project. This becomes an essential part of ensuring transparency among the team and lead to improvement to the project.

Make the most of the time zones

It should be noted that working with remote teams require you to work with professionals based all over the world. The varying timelines can be a challenge to deal with, however, with careful planning and awareness of where everyone is working at and at what times, it can be to your benefit. With remote team members working at varying time zones, you can ensure that someone in the team is working on the project at any time of the day. With careful planning and coordination, this setup can increase team productivity and reduce development timelines. Response to feedback and addressing concerns are increased, improving team efficiency.

Utilize tools to ease your collaboration

Because of the booming market for remote tech jobs and remote IT jobs, there is a corresponding increase in project management tools to improve the experience. Remote team management software can cover the various aspects of remote team collaboration. Project management software such as Basecamp and Jira, Skype and Slack for team communication tools, and various time monitoring tools are just some of the remote team management tools available in the market.

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All these combined make for the best remote jobs for a company, an efficient and effective team meeting established goals for your project. Another way to ease the process of remote team collaboration is to get in touch with outsourcing services providers. Outsourcing services providers help you manage to work with remote teams, from software development services to providing the services and management of their fully dedicated development teams for your project. You can also save a lot of time and effort with this approach.

Remote Team Collaboration

Is it real? Is remote work the future? With global trends and statistics supporting this industry movement, there is a strong possibility that it is. Most industries have turned to remote workers and remote jobs, and have enjoyed the advantages that it offers.

But remote team collaboration and distributed teams have its risks and potential mistakes to be had. There are ways to mitigate these if you are planning on working with offshore development teams:

  • Establish and maintain communication lines.
  • Plan for everything – the before, during, and after.
  • Encourage and participate in team discussions.
  • Make timezones an advantage.
  • Make use of remote team management software and other tools.

Understanding these key points will make the process of working with remote teams and distributed teams easier, but what would even more helpful is collaborating with established outsourcing services providers as opposed to going at it on your own.

Author bio: Anastasia Stefanuk is a passionate writer and a marketing manager at Mobilunity. The company provides professional staffing services, so she is always aware of technology news and wants to share her experience to help tech startups and companies to be up-to-date.

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