Huawei Ends FinTech workshop in Ga central municipal assembly

About 150 women in the Ga Central Municipality in Greater Accra have benefitted from the just-ended FinTech workshop organized by Huawei Technologies Ghana.

This workshop forms part of the ‘Seeds for the Future Women In Tech’ program which aims at equipping and empowering the women in our society with the requisite skills to take on this digital economy. The workshop partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MOFARI)

The Ga Central Municipal Assembly selected women already engaged in selling and took these women through Mobile Finacial Services available in the country and how they can utilise the services to improve their businesses.

They had hands-on training with the FinTech Platforms to get more acquainted while using them for online transactions in a more secured way.

Participants of the workshop were given a platform to air their concerns concerning how secured their money is, insurance issues, fraud, savings among others. Participants were encouraged to embrace digitalization in their business productivity since its increase output and productivity.

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Out of the lot, Huawei rewarded 15 best participants with smartphones to help them in their digital journey and help them embrace FinTech in their businesses.


The workshop also had a session for training 1000 SHS and JHS female students in ICT Skills and Internet Safety and Basic Coding respectively. The workshop aims at boosting digital literacy whiles participants get to participate and realize the full potential of a digital economy.

Huawei has a mission to empower women by creating opportunities and offering support in order for these women to have access to both education and training.

Aside from Ghana, Huawei through the Women in Technology initiative has already rolled out dedicated digital skills capacity building and empowerment programs for women in multiple countries, including Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, and South Africa.

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