In which ways can you purify the water?

Water is the most significant thing in the world and without it, nobody can survive. Over seventy per cent of the earth consists of water but half of it is not good for consumption. Drinking purified and clean water should be a must in your regular routine. The quality of your general health depends on the amount of water you consume regularly. Folks who fail to drink a good amount of water usually suffer from fatigue, dehydration, constipation, kidney stones, and so on.

Why is it vital to purify your Water?

To consume water is one thing and to consume it from the right source is another. There can be different sources that you get water but you have to make sure that you get safe and clean water for your consumption. The source of water is really vital as it informs you of the quality of water and what impact it can have on your body. It might give you a shock that maximum of the tap waters in the country are unfit for consumption. If you want to ensure that the water getting supplied at your place is clean and hygienic then you must avail Water purifier services.

In India, more than one lakh people die of water-borne ailments annually. There is even a lack of proper planning and treatment of drinking water and that has left only one choice and that is to make use of water purification at homes and workplaces. You know what water that may appear clean & clear can encompass various harmful impurities; these are the impurities that can make you seriously sick and ill. Hence it gets crucial that you consume only the clean and safe water. Purifying the water that you consume does not need a lot of annoyances; have a look at some easy ways to do this.

Boiling the water

This is the most apparent and simplest method one could adopt. In case you are home and use tap water for cooking or even that of drinking, do not skip to boil it at a high temperature. Boiling slew all the microorganisms like parasites, virus, and bacteria that could be present in the water. Once you have boiled the water don’t forget to let it get cool before you gulp it. Sounds easy, right?

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Liquid household chlorine might be easily used to treat water before consumption. You should always keep in mind the concentration of the chlorine that gets used with the right amount of water. It should never surpass the quantity of water to be treated. The only disadvantage of this method is that it shall leave a rather strange smell and bitter taste for the consumers. You might experience the smell and strange taste.



In a scientific manner, this method includes heating the water at its lower boiling point and gathering the pure form as it vaporizes. This vapour is linked up with a condenser and in turn, the water is gathered for drinking purpose. Well, it sounds like a proper and an authentic process but the main downside is that it is a gradual process for purification. It treats bacteria and germs but don’t forget that it is a costly affair.


It’s one of the most effective and efficient ways of purifying water. This technique includes various chemical and physical procedures to purify water and make it safe for consumption. Filtration amazingly helps in eradicating both huge compounds and small, risky contaminants that could pose danger for human health. You must check out this procedure for sure.

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Water purifier

There is every chance that you are aware of this kind of purifiers because it is present in most of the households. Making use of the right purifier at home is directly going to impact health. There are several purifiers available in the market and you can choose as per your convenience and ease. You can have the water purifier that you feel is good for your space and needs. It would be good if you compare the options and then reach a conclusion.

Filtration via Clay Vessels

In a few parts of India and also in other countries, clay vessels are considered suitable for storing and even filtering the water. A highly porous clay pot or container might be used to purify muddy water. Clay vessels are believed to be great for bringing out the purity in water. Moreover, the water stays cold and fresh too.

Reverse Osmosis

In the past, RO purification of water was mostly used for commercial and industrial purposes. But RO purification has now turned out to be the most reliable and popular method for purification of drinking water at homes too. Reverse osmosis is a procedure that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane to eradicate any type of contaminants. You can find RO making lives healthier through clean and hygienic water.

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Water Purification Tablets

The chief composition of these tablets would be either chlorine dioxide or that of iodine. These kill a variety of bacteria, micro-organisms that could be present in water. You need to leave it for thirty minutes to purify the water. Though the usage of these tablets can leave an unpleasant taste and odour to the water, on top of that, these tablets aren’t that successful in eliminating the chemical components that might be present in water. So yes, it would not be wrong to say that it is not a method that is hundred per cent approved for purifying drinking water.


It is a substance that is known to kill the bacteria and viruses that could be present in your water. It is a strong disinfectant and is even more effective than filtration. But, don’t get that happy as iodine treated water could leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Solar Distillation

In this concept of distilling, the water gets heated up making use of the heat of the sun. As the water evaporates because of the heat the pure shape of water is gathered and used for drinking purposes.


Thus, you have just read so many ways in which you can purify and clean up your water. It is your decision to find out what would suit your needs the most.

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