Instead Of A Free E-Commerce Website Opt For Shopify’s $9 Plan

Everybody wants the right platform with good services to sell products online. When you’re starting a business online, you want to keep the costs low and finding a good ecommerce platform can get really tricky. But with Shopify’s $9 plan, you don’t need to go around looking for a free e-commerce website. Read on to know more about this!

Shopify Lite

The Shopify Lite plan is cheap and it lets you create a simple free ecommerce website in no time. The plan has plenty of features and it ensures that you get the most for the amount you spend.

The Shopify Lite plan is the cheapest you can find on Shopify. You have the option of selling on social media or your existing website with this plan. For example, if you have a blog on Blogger or WordPress and you decide you want to sell some items on your blog, you can do so with Shopify. Shopify Lite plan lets you integrate some products to sell while allowing you to keep the same blog.

With the Shopify Lite plan, you get a fully integrated Facebook store. You can market and advertise on Facebook and lead people to your store. Another cool thing about this feature is that all the products on your Shopify Lite plan will be automatically synced with Facebook. All your products sync automatically with your Shopify store, that is, if you make any change to the product details on your website, it’ll be reflected on the Facebook store.

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Shopify’s Plans

Customer support is also offered through Facebook. Along with the integrated Facebook store, you get a live chat module by Facebook Messenger App. With the help of automated product information, the customers will receive quick responses to their questions. The Messenger app allows you to first reply with whatever information you have, after which you can also forward product information from your online store.


Shopify Lite provides you with plenty of options for selling products in-person like Square, PayPal, and Stripe. The Shopify Lite plan is an affordable option for sending out invoices and accepting payments.


Ecwid’s main goal is to create an online store system for your existing websites. All you have to do is install Ecwid on a platform like a social network or CMS and done! Ecwid is picking up in the market by catering to companies that don’t want to start a whole new website. All you have to do with Ecwid is, take the old site and integrate it with the Ecwid system – and you’re good to go within minutes!

Ecwid has got more than one million users from all over the world since 2009. Over 20,000 users are using the Ecwid Shopping Cart for WordPress.

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An important feature of Ecwid is that it automatically syncs with all your devices. This way, you can sell products even from your smartphone! If needed, you can also sell your products on Facebook as Ecwid is designed to integrate with social media networks. Ecwid comes with an impressive shipping aspect. You can keep a track of what’s happening with your orders with Ecwid’s real-time shipping integrations.

Ecwid comes with four different plans, one being a free plan and others being paid. The free plan lets you sell only 10 products and offers Facebook Pixel. For the Venture plan, you pay a monthly amount of $15 and get to sell 100 products. You will also get an iPhone management app with this plan. For $35 per month, the Business plan lets you sell 2500 products per month. You also get live chat support with the Business plan. The Unlimited Plan is for $69 per month and you get to sell unlimited products.

How Shopify Is Better Than Ecwid

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Shopify is great for users who don’t have an already existing website and need a store that has features like blog posts along with other selling and marketing features. Shopify has numerous payment methods and stronger SEO Contest features compared to Ecwid. The point-of-sales features are also better on Shopify. To sell on other websites, you can use the ‘Buy Now’ button which is cheaper on Shopify than Ecwid.

Buying a free e-commerce website can be tricky and difficult to use. While it may seem free at first, you’ll find that there are many other costs involved to actually run your online store. Shopify’s $9 plan is a better option compared to a free e-commerce website as the plan provides more features and is easy to use!

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