Is ChyMall Dead? Almost all “investors” can’t withdraw from “e-commerce” platform

If you have been in Ghana in the last 12 month, you definitely have heard about ChyMall and/or had someoen trying to recruit you to join the so called e-commerce platform.

According to those engaged in ChyMall, it is an ecommerce platform with a retail concept where you buy at wholesale and resell at retail for commission. They send you some of the products and give you some extra to sell on the ChyMall platform.

The individuals go to the service centre here in Ghana to pick up and sell the product.

Depending on how much you invest (minimum GHS 770 equivalent USD 140 with a GHS 5.5 exchange rate) and earn a return of USD 7 every 10 days.

However, for some months now, numerous policy changes have made it more difficult for investors to withdraw their earning.

Are you involved in ChyMall? What is your story? Share with us.

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