ISD Director Optimistic Of Progress Of E-Levy Sensitization In Bono East

The educating of the Ghanaian public about the significance of the Electronic Transfers Levy (E-Levy) by the Information Services Department (ISD) is advancing in the Bono East Region.

Mr. Paul Desmond Tutu, the Regional Director of ISD, revealed in a meeting at Techiman that the mission was continuous in the four districts and seven locales in the area to illuminate its advantages to individuals.

The Government of Ghana passed the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) Act 2022, Act 1075 with impact from May 1, 2022, forcing a duty of 1.50 percent on electronic cash moves.

This law, being executed by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is intended to expand the tax net base in the country to produce more income for the sped-up financial development of the country.

Mr. Tutu said as specified in the Act, everybody would have the option to bring in a cash move through mobile money of up to GhC100.00 per day without paying the tax on it, adding that, in the event that one put cash on one’s own wallet, there would be no expense on it.

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He explained the ongoing campaign, saying it included film outreach programs in the local communities, appearances to chapels and mosques, and training at local information centers.

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