JBKlutse.com launches #iWillPresentMyID to educate Ghanaians on MTN Ghana’s new MoMo Directive


Ghanaian tech and PR portal JBKlutse.com has launched a digital campaign in support of MTN Ghana’s directive requiring MoMo customers to present valid nationally sanctioned IDs for cash-out transactions. The campaign which will run with the hashtag #iWillPresentMyID, is aimed at educating on, as well as reminding the public of why it is important for every Mobile Money customer to comply with the directive.

Why #iWillPresentMyID is necessary

As MTN Ghana goes to great lengths in their quest to curb and either significantly minimize Mobile Money fraud or root out the canker entirely, it is important that customers of the service make their job easier by playing active roles in making it difficult for the fraudsters to have a field day.


It is for such a reason that the #iWillPresentMyID campaign is being undertaken to complement the important work that MTN has started with the nationwide ID directive.

With the need to present our IDs at Mobile Money agents’ stalls likely to become the norm for the foreseeable future — as other networks eventually find it necessary to implement a similar anti-fraud strategy — it is only right to help make the transition easier by educating mobile wallet users to comply with the directive because it is for our collective good.


Aside popularizing the hashtag, JBKlutse.com will also be communicating by way of social media creatives and other forms of visual art to bring attention to the need for users to make it a point to take along a valid form of identification in order to complete cash withdrawal transactions.

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JBKlutse.com hopes that with its #iWillPresentMyID campaign, Mobile Money users will take a stand to be responsible citizens by consciously playing their part in making the MTN MoMo platform a safe place for people to keep their hard-earned funds.

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