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This season, an incredible fight for the title has unfolded in the German Bundesliga. Now, the 1xBet best among online betting sites in Bangladesh offers the easiest and most convenient way to not only follow events in Germany but also to make money on them.

One of the pleasant surprises of the season was the performance of RB Leipzig. Yes, the Bulls finished the previous campaign in the 3rd position, but in the summer they practically didn’t make any considerable purchases (the exception is, perhaps, the rents of Schick).

But instead, the team not only did not sag in the results but also managed to impose real competition on Bayern and Borussia in the fight for the title.

Today, 1xBet is the best among online betting sites in Bangladesh, and it offers its customers to make a prediction on whether Nagelsmann’s players will be able to finish in the first place of the standings.

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Of course, there is still a lot of time before the end of the season and much can change, but you can leave your forecasts now. Moreover, the betting company offers particularly attractive coefficients for them. The best basketball bets on are also available here for real fans of this sport.


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Going back to Leipzig, it can be noted that the key to such impressive club results is a striking performance of the attack. Werner, Zabitzer, Nkunku, Schick, Poulsen – all of them repeatedly hit the opponents’ goals during the current season. Moreover, a series lasted for a long time, when the Bulls scored at least 3 goals against their rivals.

You can go to watch football games online and personally assess the strength of the club in the attack. However, this is not the only trump card of Leipzig, allowing it to be so high in the standings. Other strong points of this team include:

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  1. Good teamwork. Many of the athletes have been playing together for several years.
  2. Progress of talented youth. It was in this season that a number of performers managed to reach a qualitatively new level.
  3. Coaching talent of Nagelsmann. It was him who made RB a real contender for the champion title. Moreover, it is Leipzig that looks more stable against the background of Bayern or Borussia, which combine successful matches with failures.

Now, you can watch football games online and place bets on the team’s performance. There are very few matches left until the end of the season, therefore the price of an error rises. It is quite possible that Leipzig will reach its triumph if it doesn’t allow misfires.

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