Jumia Launches Its eCommerce Store In South Africa

Jumia, the main African e-commerce platform has just launched a foothold into South Africa. They have been there since 2012 but have operated in the form of Zando, an online fashion retailer and subsidiary. As a non-essential service provider, the company remains dormant as required by the government lockdown directive.

South Africans can access the Jumia portal for essential services hygiene and sanitary products. Among the products available on retail at low prices are disinfectants, soap bars, liquid handwash, diaper, among others. All products will be sold at zero-sum.

At a time when the continent is hard hit by the impact of COVID-19, Jumia will use its e-commerce and distribution expertise to help out retail businesses access their clients. Leading brands that have joined the platform are Harpic, Dettol(Reckitt Benckiser), Pampers, Always, Gilette, Arie(Proctor & Gamble).

Sacha Poignonnec (co-CEO of Jumia) expressed his joy in the extension of Jumia services in South Africa. He promoted the venture as “a safer shopping solution” for both consumers and vendors. Part of their strategy is to “bring solutions” and collaborate with other leading brands.

The company also revealed new measures to ensure the safety of delivery agents, consumers, and partners. All ‘contactless’ prepaid packages will be insured and delivery agents have been trained to ensure necessary quality standards are met. Consumers will access the goods on the ‘Stay Safe’ Jumia page that is co-owner by Reckitt Benckiser.

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Grant Brown, CEO Jumia & Zando (South Africa), disclosed a plan to make products “accessible and affordable” to all consumers.

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