Justice Appau advices judges to be computer literates

A justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Yaw Appau has noted that times are fast changing as far as technology is concerned hence judges who are not computer literate must endeavour to learn how to operate computer quickly in order to be on the same page with modern trends.

He explained that being computer literate will enable judges discharge their duties creditably and also to the admiration of the general public.


Speaking during the 40 general meeting of the Association of Judges and Magistrates on Wednesday September 29, he said “The way things are going now if you are a judge and you are not computer literate it is going to be a big headache for you to handle your court”.

“So, I am entreating all those who have just joined the bench and are still computer illiterate to strive hard to become super computer literate so that we can perform our duties creditably to the admiration of the public.”

The Chief Justice, Kwesi Anin-Yeboah for his part said judges are supposed to be servants and not masters.

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“We as judges in modern society are not potentates but rather servants. Servants of the people in the highest and most honorable sense”.


“Our tasks are more defined which is why we are expected to perform it well and efficiently to be responsive and responsible”.

“The modern day judge will suffer if the people see our institution as a citadel of entrenched elitism, exclusivity and privileged, ignorant to obvious changes and to the needs of the most honourable”.

“Indeed, citizens will find it most hard to accept the judiciary as the guarantor of law and human rights if the judges themselves act in a discriminatory manner and I hope that this is not what is happening in this country.”

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