Kenya Launches Online Game To Protect Children Against Cybercrime

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) is promoting a safe online platform where children can be without hindrance. This has led to the launching of an online game they call ‘Cyber Solidas’.

CAK Director of Legal Services, Mercy Wanju, spoke addressed the press and said ‘Cyber Solidas’ is targeting children between 4 to 14 years. This she said is because kids of this age group, they presume, will have better experiences through the games.

“The game is aimed at guiding children through a maze of potential dangers online and also teaching them how to protect their identity, personal data, recognize sites containing harmful content and finally develop a critical approach towards information found on the internet,” said Wanjau.

Wanju added that there are five levels to the game depending on the vulnerability detected on the internet which she said could include identity theft, fake news, and catfishing. 

“Impacts range from threats to protection of personal data, cyberbullying, harmful online content, grooming for sexual purposes, and exploitation,” said Wanjau.

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This initiative will add to the various online protective measures for children such as the Child Online Protection (COP) in order to create a digital environment for the children and the future generation. 


Maureen Mwaniki, Director of Women in Technology at Huawei Kenya, called on the private sector saying they equally have a part to play in ensuring a safe internet.

“We are committed to working with partners from CAK, the Government, and other stakeholders to provide digital skills at a large scale,” she added.

Mwaniki also added that even at Huawei, there are children-specific software and hardware that helps to ensure that the children can access the internet safely.

“We are also providing digital skills training programs that incorporate online safety, for example, the DigiTruck that targets the under-served youth in rural communities, teaching online safety every day with other partners,” said Mwaniki.

The launch comes as the world celebrates, The Safer Internet Day, which began as an initiative of the European Union Safe Borders Project in 2004.

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