Kenya to reduce youth unemployment by creating digital jobs

In an official statement on Tuesday day, the Kenyan government is making it its priority to increase the the number of youths who are digitally inclined to do digitally enabled jobs for companies all over the world in order to reduce the level of unemployment.

Joe Mucheru, cabinet secretary of the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology (ICT)in his speech told journalists in Nairobi that, skilled and trained personnel are imperative to marketing Kenya as the choice labor destination for global firms who are seeking workers to undertake digital work.


“My ministry seeks to raise the online work profile in Kenya,” Mucheru said in a speech read on his behalf by Lucy Mulili secretary of administration at the ministry.

A target of one million youth who will be able to earn a decent wage from digital and digitally enabled jobs per anum is the set target of the Kenyan government

Mucheru said that the government is promoting the uptake of digital jobs available online through supporting the upscaling of networks to 4G frequency so that Kenya ranks among the countries with Internet connection that is affordable.

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The officials observed that the country is investing in youth empowerment centres, which will form a network of digital villages that are anchored on government infrastructure.


“This will be a game-changer for citizens to access digital opportunities and training even from remote parts of the country,” he added.

The ministry is also said to be increasing the coverage of the national optic fiber backbone infrastructure so as to boost the realization of the knowledge economy.

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