Kenya: Uber Drivers Expected To Wear Mask Before Taking Trips Amid COVID-19

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Henceforth, Uber drivers in Kenya will have to take ‘Mask Selfies’ before taking trips in Kenya. The company has now said that from next week, all Uber riders, drivers and couriers will be expected to wear a mask when taking a trip.

Also, any driver or courier will be told to take a selfie to verify they are wearing a mask before taking a trip. The software will use object recognition technology to identify whether the driver is wearing a mask.

Any driver who is not wearing a mask will not be able to go online. Uber will also not charge you if you refuse a ride where a driver is not wearing a mask.

In Kenya, Uber is working to provide masks to drivers and they have worked with Zydii and to launch a free SMS based driver education program focused on providing tips on avoiding COVID-19 infection during trips.

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The company will execute these features on Monday, May 18 which is next week and will stay in effect until the end of June where they will be reviewed based on the latest official health guidelines.

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