Key Benefits of EBS Upgrades

You must have already heard about Oracle’s famous introductory E-business suite. It is commonly known as Oracle EBS. Basically, it is a set of business applications for customer relationship management/CRM, supply chain management, and enterprise resource planning automation processes implemented in organizations. Oracle EBS is one of the widely used database software. It was released in 2001 when the market did not consist of that much software on databases. 

In the year 2011, Oracle also released a renovated new suite called Oracle fusion applications that are specially designed to build a common upgradation path for e-business suite applications and another product line. Even with the new introductions and development of fusion software, EBS continues to be updated and expanded.

Key Benefits

Long-Term Premier Support to Lower TCO

Oracle is one of the few companies that has adopted a continuous innovation strategy to introduce upgraded versions and technology stack upgrades around application features, usability, scalability, and functionality. Oracle EBS upgrades deliver new functions based on new innovative upgrades and assure premiere support for more than 7-8 years.

Installing New Tools Becomes Easier

Oracle EBS upgrades can provide a hassle-free option for installation and introduce the deployment of new versions of Oracle fusion middleware platform technologies. It is a new application based on code level and updates scripts to move schema, SQL, and data to the new oracle e-business suite. Additionally, Oracle EBS’s new version can enhance installation compatibility for existing data servers and real application cluster environments. Two tools that can make the upgrade process smoother are EURC-DT and ETPAT-AT. This can help for error-free upgradation. An automation tool with the name of EBS Technology Patch Automation Tool – Application Tier (ETPAT-AT) can automate the patching of technology stack elements like Weblogic servers and middleware.

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For important EBS pre-upgrade checks, Oracle rolled out EBS 12.2 Upgrade Readiness Checker Tool – Database Tier (EURC-DT), which creates mandatory pre-upgrade steps and also sorts out key failure causes. 

Less Downtime and Online Patching 

Oracle is unique in the market featuring its Online patching function. It allows businesses & enterprises to upgrade Enterprise Resource Planning applications. The key benefit of adopting this online patching is that they can upgrade software while the system is running and users are online. It will gradually reduce timings that benefit big manufacturing and global organizations that cannot afford such a wide gap in functioning. Another interesting feature is an annual accumulation of updates and bug fixes using a suite-wide patch set. On another side, technology stack upgrades are implemented separately, under which users can access Oracle Fusion Middleware platform technologies without changing & upgrading the code of Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

Improve Business Value With New Applications

Oracle EBS upgrades version can provide several cross-functional facilities that have been improved from previous versions. For instance, under Order management, Oracle iStore can be upgraded, and there will be more enhanced B2B features launched like better search and filters can be added to find the best products and their pricing. Also, another major update is Oracle Advanced Pricing Command Center which offers better pricing maintenance with the help of charts, metrics, and search functionalities. This command center uses a Web Application Desktop Integrator (ADI) that enlists selective updates of price lists, and for promotions, it uses an excel spreadsheet. 

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In Oracle Inventory, users can easily track and capture on-hand inventory using Material Classification codes that can also improve warehouse productivity analysis. Oracle payroll integrates with Oracle Project Costing for supplementary payroll runs. Also, an agreement approval workflow has been added to fast billings to improve the working of Oracle Project Billing. 

Technical Advancements

Oracles had rolled out automation in various functionalities to help companies & businesses run EBS upgrades on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It can lift and shift of on-prem EBS environments towards the OCI, and it can also enable the lifecycle management of EBS environments. Although, EBS Cloud Manager can manage this upgrade.

Use Opkey for Oracle EBS Upgrades

Opkey is a well-known brand working on automating various business software & applications. This will help them to function smoothly with fewer faults and errors. Opkey Oracle EBS Upgrades can maximize the speed up of testing cycles as it can provide users with 2000 & more pre-built automated scripts used for testing EBS application transactions. Also, there will be less risk as it can help in achieving optimal test coverage with each oracle upgrade ensuring there is no breakage in the applications.

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Opkey lowers testing costs by 50% if users can compare it with manual testing. As manual testing requires a wide team, resources, and time, also there will be a considerable risk of human errors. Opkey also features 24/7 services that provide users with automation experts’ guidance anytime and anywhere. 

So, don’t wait and provide your business Oracle E-business Suite upgrade by choosing Opkey. It can automate your testing and points out loopholes that stop functionality, and enhance the process to work in a better way. Every business has its own production cycle. It is important to perform automated testing to clear out requirements that specific businesses need the most. 

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