Knowledge-sharing Engine Launched By Zimbabwean Startup Query

Zimbabwean Startup Query has launched its “knowledge engine”, which permits people to share niche knowledge with each other.

It was instituted in July of last year but was made available to the public last month. Query is competing with the likes of Google, Quora, Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange when it comes to providing people access to information.

“Search engines are great at giving people quick access to information on the web. The problem arises when searching for niche content. Search engines do not do a great job of serving users that have queries about niche topics. That is because it is not lucrative for website owners to host such content. Their content needs to appeal to a large audience for as much traffic as possible,” Founder, Nick Nyaumwe told Disrupt Africa.

As such, Nyaumwe hopes there is a “huge market” for people with niche questions that Query is serving. He funded for the startup himself and has implemented some machine learning to organise information on the site.

“Uptake has been all-around positive. Users love the user interface of the product and overall functionality and speed,” Nyaumwe stressed.

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He said Query was still developing and has planned to generate revenue through in-house advertising.

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