Kumasi school children participate in World Engineering Day

The “catch-them-young initiative” is a partnership between the Ghana Institute of Engineering and the Building and Road Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. A guide programme to reveal engineering and its benefits to pupils made a lot of pupils and students partake in the World Engineering Day event held in Kumasi.

BRRI Basic School pupils went around the institute’s laboratories to take a look at job engineering trends.

Members of the institute carried out one-on-one and group discussions with the participants and gave attention to issues regarding technology.

Madam Naa Lamakai Quaye-Ballard, Consultant Geodetic Engineering urges that it is necessary to make school children aware of the Sustainable Development Goals.

She stressed that “Most of them have not been exposed to engineering practice so they have little knowledge of how engineering can impact their lives and help in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Ghana Institute of Engineering in collaboration with the Building and Road Institute is trying to target the children by inviting them every year and take them to go round our facilities so they see how industry and engineering works in the attainment of the SDGs”.

In the meantime, at a brief ceremony to grace the occasion, BRRI is encouraging the application of engineering technologies to facilitate the realization of Sustainable Development Goals.

Director, Asenso Gyembibi, is optimistic that Ghana’s ability to leverage modern technology will better the lives of its citizens.

He emphasized, “There is not a single one of the SDGs, engineering cannot achieve including gender. We are talking about robotics, big data and all. These are tools been used to drive economies. Now when we talk about civil engineering, we’re talking about modelling”.

In addition, Mr Gyembibi said, “We need to embrace them to make life comfortable.”

Engineering technology encompasses the practical application of science and engineering to a variety of real-life challenges.

Mr Gyembibi says Ghana has a lot to achieve from upcoming fields of engineering.

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