Luna; A Female Personal Robot

Back in 2011, Gizmag glanced at Robodynamics’ Luna personal robot. At that time, the features were a bit scarce, though the company did say that the device was shipped that year. As 2014 brings to a close, Luna has still to reach the market, but the maker has propelled a Kickstarter to raise money to start producing while giving us a closer look at the robot’s specs.

Devised for Robodynamics by Schultzeworks, Luna is charged as a personal robot designed for functional everyday duties that Robodynamics says will “bring robots to the crowds.” When development is completed, it’s demanded it will be affordable, versatile, and designed to perform on a human scale.

Luna the Robot by RoboDynamics is the leading personal robot invented to do anything, from walking your dog to a diversity of household chores. If you like robots and hate recipes, then this is a purchase you don’t want to miss.


Luna, which is the Robot by RoboDynamics, is invented to make household chores a thing of the past. The android is created to take care of pesky housebroken upkeep and give you more time to focus on other facets of life. Imagine not having to execute the bed ever again! Some might look at this and believe the world is transforming into one lazy mass, but in certainty, this allows people to focus on practice and work without worrying about their home. It’s like possessing a personal maid for free.


The maker sees it as being extremely talented with applications in care of the elderly, where it would serve independent living for senior citizens by observing their meds, and fetching and carrying; medical treatment, which would involve monitoring patients and presenting telepresence for specialists; and defences, such as patrolling office buildings and storehouses. Images from the company even intimate that it can walk the dog, though that seems a bit hopeful unless the dog is tiny and particularly well-behaved.

Robodynamics says that the code to Luna’s versatility occupies in its design. Bearing 60 in (152 cm) tall and balancing 60 lb (27.2 kg), it’s scaled to engage in average human conditions as it rolls on caster wheels on an 8-hour charge. There’s an HD camera, microphones, speakers, an 8-inch touch screen LCD, and a carry handle. There is also a pair of portable, though not articulated or motorized, arms that can be placed manually.

However, Robodynamics puts its most significant accent on Luna’s processor, which is a Mini-ITX motherboard including 16 GB built-in storage and 8 GB of RAM. It’s built using off-the-shelf parts, has regular PC design and standard USB ports, and runs the Linux-based Robot OS (ROS). It also has Wi-Fi and arbitrary Bluetooth.

The set up is an open design that runs on apps and services that can be obtained from an app store like something for a smartphone or a tablet. According to Robodynamics, this indicates that the inventiveness of its users only checks the functions of Luna.

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