Luno: Buy, Store And Learn About Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency topic is very broad and can never be finished in a month or two. It takes years to understand and manage your cryptocurrency efficiently.

However, one basic thing everyone knows about cryptocurrency is that it is a form of money which is electronic in nature.

As such, all electronic currencies such as Mobile Money, Paypal, Skrill and the others require wallets for storage just us fiat currency also does.

Various cryptocurrencies have different online wallets where they can be stored for future use.

In the world of cryptocurrencies though, there are two major types of wallets. They are; cold wallet and hot wallets.

Cold wallets are the types of wallet which are not connected to the internet or in order words, they are the wallets that store cryptocurrency offline. Examples of such wallets include; Pendrives, Hard disks, Paper wallets and discs among others.

Hot wallets, on the other hand, are wallets which are connected to the internet. They are the type of wallets which hold your cryptocurrency assets online. One of these online wallets for holding cryptocurrencies is Luno.

About Luno

Luno is an international cryptocurrency wallet and exchange site where people looking to invest in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can buy, store and sell their cryptocurrency easily.

Luno operates in many countries across the world with physical offices in London in the UK, Singapore, Capetown in South Africa, Malaysia, Johannesburg in South Africa, Jakarta in Indonesia and Lagos in Nigeria.

How To Create An Account On Luno

In order to use the Luno Platform either as a trader willing to exchange your Bitcoin or Ethereum for fiat or you are just investor hoping to buy and save your bitcoin there, you need to create an account.

Follow the guide below to open an account on Luno and start using their platform.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Signup
  3. Enter your valid email address
  4. Enter your preferred password
  5. Click on signup
  6. Open your email account and confirm your mail by clicking on the link sent by Luno.
  7. Click on continue to login to your account.

Once you finish the previous step. You have access to your account and you can start setting up your other details under the profile tab.

How To Learn About Cryptocurrencies On Luno

Aside from the fact that Luno is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange site, it also provides resources for users to learn and discover more about cryptocurrencies.

For you to enjoy this aspect of this all-important platform, you need to login to your account.

Under the ‘Explore’ tab, you’ll see ‘All’, ‘News’, and ‘Learn. When you select the news option, you’ll get the latest news about cryptocurrencies and how the market is expected to move in the near future.

If you wish to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how they operate, then you should click on the ‘Learn’ option.

Under the ‘Learn’ option, there are over 30 topics from which you can choose the one to read.

Each topic is well-researched and self-explanatory and a good read for even newbies in the cryptocurrency world.

You can read on topics such as; How to Buy Bitcoin, What Is The Difference Between IPO and ICO, How Do I Keep My Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Safe, How To Identify Scams And Reduce Risks among many others.


Anybody seeking to invest in cryptocurrencies cannot do away with crypto wallets and their exchangers. These two things are very important in the lives of cryptocurrency investors. For some, you have to keep your currency in a wallet elsewhere and move it to an exchanger later when you wish to sell.

However, with Luno, you have your trading platform, your wallet and learning centre all combined at one place.

I hope this article was helpful to you in your quest to learn more about cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and more.

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