Major Reasons to Use Medical Inventory Management Software

In the medical field, in which everybody is focused on ensuring high-quality care for patients, inventory management is considered a great challenge and more often than not, just an afterthought. There are a number of medical companies that thinks that inventory management generally implies that the medical supplies and other hospital equipment are monitored or tracked on a spreadsheet or by manually recording it using pen and paper. By using these methods, it will most likely become almost always inaccurate and unreliable over time.

This problem – just like so many others – is easily solved by using a modern, computerized inventory solution. In this article, we will tackle six primary reasons why there is a need for medical inventory management software.


Medical Inventory System: What is it?

By using medical inventory management software, it will enable healthcare providers to completely remove obsolete, ineffective systems of inventory monitoring as well as take full control of their inventory by just clicking a few buttons. Mostly in the sort of an application, the stable and reliable web-based system makes it easier for teams to track and monitor their entire medical inventory efficiently and accurately while keeping a close watch on pertinent information like those of supply inventory levels, expiration dates of the medications and maintenance details of the hospital equipment. This guarantees that supervisors and personnel will always comprehend which medical supplies are available, what medicines are just about to expire, where the equipment is and who is responsible for it.

Even if you are a private practitioner, a retailer of medical devices and machinery, or part of a bigger health care facility such as a hospital or an emergency care center, optimising the inventory system enables you to avoid the guesswork from your inventory management. By having the medical inventory system to do the heavy work, you can stop wasting time worrying about your medical inventory and, therefore, allow you to have more time to grow your specialized field while offering your patients with the utmost care.

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Medical Inventory System: Why do we need it?

There are lots of reasons on why there is need to use medical inventory system. When using inventory management system you can easily have an overview of your inventory, save your time and at the same time lower your managing effort, take full control of transactions, improve your inventory accuracy, safeguard your investments and, lastly, save effort, money and headache because it is already paperless.

You can have a clearer overview of your inventory

Most of the time, all we need is a clear visual. By using efficient medical inventory management software to label and monitor your inventory, you will easily be able to view images of your medical supplies and machinery as well as significant data including the quantity of each item in stock, what needs to be repurchased or perhaps even the temperature by which certain medicines will have to be stored.

In addition, using medical inventory management software provides you with the ability to always know where a device is, who presently has it, when it was last used and when was the last time it went through maintenance. By getting a clear perspective of your inventory, you will never have to worry again about running out of basic medical supplies, be flabbergasted by expired medicines, or having patient care delays due to a faulty or missing supplies or equipment.

You will save time as well as reduce managerial effort

By having a medical inventory management system to maintain and keep track of your medical supplies and facilities, employees spend much lesser time focusing on tedious responsibilities related to inventory. Instead of trying to sort through spread sheets and paperwork just to find out how much of each supply that you have left and whether it is already time to repurchase more, an automated management system will be doing this for you.

You will know precisely what and how much supply you have after checking the inventory in the inventory system and also receive a notification whenever it is time to reorder. Apart from knowing what you have in stock, you will also know precisely where it is being stored. Hence, no time will be wasted in digging through drawers struggling to locate that last box of medicines.

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You can take control over your business operations

Having an automated medical inventory managing system ensures that you can concentrate on your business while also being assured that your inventory needs are being addressed. Through lessening the mental and physical pressures on the healthcare providers and administrators, all members of staff will be more willing and able to pay more attention to those much more important matters, such as what the patient’s needs are.

In addition, seeing as personnel members have an access to the medical inventory records, everybody will be aware of which supplies are in stock and where the important medical equipment is.

Just about every healthcare industry business will remind you that collaborating as a team is critical to delivering outstanding care for patients. The same is true when talking about using medical inventory management software.

Normally, conventional inventory control systems are accessible only to one individual, do not run on phones and tablets and therefore do not connect to the web. This usually makes keeping data in sync quite complicated and tedious for the personnel and medical providers. Multiple employees will need to have access to the inventory software among various devices to make inventory management software useful. This facilitates the staff to monitor real-time data, know where they would find devices or medical supplies and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

And since constant use of the system is essential to keeping exact stock information, some medical businesses are hesitant to invest in medical inventory management software that their employees may be unwilling to use because it is quite tricky to navigate.

It will improve the inventory accuracy

Substituting spread sheets or inventory paperwork by using a software for medical inventory management presupposes an immense increase with regards to the accuracy of inventories. Human error is far less likely to occur when it comes to managing and tracking of the stock levels, expiry dates or maintenance of equipment.

Additionally, having a safe and reliable cloud-based system linked to a mobile phone app guarantees that you will be receiving a real time updated inventory data. When there will be a restock with the medical supplies or if equipment is being checked out, the changes can be viewed immediately by all employees who may have access to the inventory system. This means that when it comes to stock updates, there will be less to no confusion or miscommunication between physicians, nurses and the administrative staff.

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It is no wonder that improving inventory accuracy can also contribute to strengthen safety and adherence – may it be a starting private practice or already an established hospital network. As most medical professionals have access to prescription drugs – care providers, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and drugstores are mandated by law to disclose any lost or misplaced controlled substances. If there is no accurate, up-to-date inventory software system in place and pertinent documents are required by a regulatory agency, medical businesses could be susceptible to security vulnerabilities due to theft and legal obligations.

You will be able to safeguard your business investments

It would be highly expensive for any healthcare industry to have to replace lost or misplaced tools or equipment. But since an effective and reliable medical inventory management software will enable you to monitor where the equipment is and who is responsible for it, you can safeguard your investment when it comes to your medical equipment and devices, which in turn, enables you to provide exceptional care for patients.

Although a healthcare’s primary goal is to provide the utmost appropriate care for patients, your health care center is still a business. Expired medicines and lost medical devices all convert into wasted money. When medical inventory is not correctly labelled and monitored, it is possible to miss expiry dates and maintenance schedules or you could even encounter trouble keeping close tabs on the whereabouts of the medical machineries. Such oversights will result in health care businesses purchasing supplies or buying expensive equipment that they do not really need, eventually having a negative impact on the finances to your medical business.

You can go paperless (Less clutter!)

Not only does visual medical inventory management software help you to organize and coordinate your inventory data, but this will also enable you to go paperless. It would be a great move to help Mother Nature and at the same time facilitating the enhancement of data accuracy, boost workflow implementation and giving care of patients more time which is indeed a real win – win.

By using the suitable medical inventory management software that is right for your medical business, you can be assured that your staff will be more focused in taking care of their patients and at the same time boost your revenues and your business productivity.

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