Make Money on these 5 Sites by Freelancing Or Selling your Services Globally

The world is currently a global village connected by the internet. Several computer networks all over-connected together has made it possible for the world to come together to share ideas, products, goods and services while still being naturally apart in terms of distance.

With many people willing to expand their services to reach out to individuals and companies internationally, the internet comes in handy as a bridge.

Frankly, there are numerous websites that promise to give you the opportunity to sell your services to millions of people on their platform.
But, truly, how many of these platforms have the right market for your skills or services?

If you are here for an answer to the question posed in the previous paragraph, you are at the right place. In this article, we shall introduce you to 5 sites on which you can freelance or sell your services globally.


One name keeps resounding on everyone’s mind throughout this article. That one word is freelancing.


It is only interesting to know that the first platform on our list for best platforms for freelancing is Freelancer.

Freelancer is one of the best freelance sites on the internet today. With a total userbase of over 32 million, Freelancer gives you a wide range of opportunities from you to choose from when selecting the best offers that suit your skills.

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What is more, registration on Freelancer is completely free of charge.

Solid Gigs

The more the number of works you’ve been able to do within a day as a freelancer, the more money you make.

Every passing hour is of the essence to every freelancer on the web. Therefore, one of the most annoying experiences every freelancer has to go through is searching for contracts from a usually tall list of opportunities.

With Solid Gigs, you don’t really have to worry your head over finding contracts that fit your skills.

Every week, the team automatically selects the best fit offers on the site for you to choose from. So you only have to pick from jobs that are specifically suited for your kind of skills.

Also, they have courses, templates and interview sessions which individuals can use to develop their skills on the go.

Using this platform comes at a cost of 2USD per month which is very affordable, compared with what they have to offer you.

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Leaving out Upwork from this list would have been absolutely disastrous and injust.

Upwork combines many unique tools such as built-in invoice maker, collaborative space with other freelancers and templates to make their platform more fun and comforting for even newbie freelancers.

With Upwork, you can get recruited by all the top companies in the world to handle certain projects since it is the main freelance site used by most of these big time employers.

If you are hoping to work with the bigger firms at your own time and pace, then Upwork is the freelance site for you.


If you wish to offer services that are not so expensive per job, you may be looking at Fiverr.

With a base pricing point pinned at 5 USD per job, Fiverr is a very good platform especially for beginners or people seeking to grow their experiences to become pros.

Also, Fiverr enables freelancers to display their best works when applying for job offers on its platform.

This way, employers are able to easily determine which freelancer to go for since they don’t have to keep chatting everyone up.

Fiverr also has some online learning courses to help users develop their skills more and use the platform more effectively.

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Indeed is like the search engine of Freelance platforms.

With indeed, you can search for freelance jobs based on the locations and the type of job they are.

Indeed collates all freelance jobs from the various freelance sites through a crawling system and shows them up as search results when freelancers search for jobs based on the ‘category’ or ‘location’.

Indeed is absolutely free of charge! Go register for an account now!


Freelancing has become a vital part of the world’s economy since the internet was invented.

Today, there are over 100 million freelancers working from home and getting paid all over the world.

To be part of this already booming industry, you need to join any of the platforms listed and discussed above.

The list is however not exhaustive as there are thousands of freelance websites worldwide. If you know of any other freelance websites or platforms that can be added as extras to this list, kindly mention them in the comment box below.

If you have any other concerns or questions, you can reach out to us.

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