3 Ways to make money online genuinely in Ghana | 2020 Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s post, I know you are here because you’ve tried to make some cash online and failed or you want to make some bucks online, and you are looking the best guide on that.

Whichever be the case you are on the right page. In the next few minutes, I will be revealing to you a way you can make some cash online without necessarily promoting any links or generating a lead.

For some time now, I see here and there always on WhatsApp and other social media people promoting links and claiming to be money-making links. Whenever I see such things, I laugh and say to myself these guys don’t know what they are doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying all the links are craps, but 99% are. So if you are here today, I want you to know that making money online has never been easy.

Gone were the days when you can easily make a few bucks online without much hustling. Today, to make a cent on the internet is very hard and will require hard work and dedication.

I know many of you guys have come to a cross thousands of crap links that promise you money for doing nothing. Hmm, this is a bogus claimed.


There is no sweet without sweat. YOU GOT TO add, a value in other to earn value. I hope you get what I mean? There is nothing like free a launch. Whoever promised you free stuff has a hidden agenda.

The internet is full of opportunities and also full of unscrupulous people. People are there to make money from their sweat whiles others intend to make money by taking advantage of their prey.

When it comes to making money online, there are a lot of ways to make genuine money.

But what is preventing others from making genuine money online is a lack of accurate information.

Yes, accurate information in the sense that, there are many sites that you can jump in and signup with the intention that they will pay you, but after everything, they turned to be a waste site.

I know I’m talking much and you will be saying to yourself why don’t you just go straight to the point. Yes is true, no one like long talk but I think it is good I let you know most of the things you see on the social media are fake.

If you are on this page, then I’m here to reveal to you three ways you can make money online genuinely. Yes, genuine money from your sweat.

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If you are here and you don’t want to work for the money, then I think you shouldn’t be here. Cos all that I’m going to reveal to you here will depend on how serious you are and your commitment to the task.

I think I talked for long and I got to put a stop to the long talk and go straight to the points.

So now this is the catch!

Three Ways To Make Money Online

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Freelancing

We will cover only the first topic in today’s post cos I don’t want to bombard you with a lot of information. We will discuss the other two in our subsequent post. I hope it is ok. Alright!

If you are still here with me, then let’s begin.

How To Make Money By Creating A YouTube Channel

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and thought, I could’ve done that? Do you know you can make thousands of dollars from the YouTube platform without necessary creating your videos? If your answer is no, then take Yes from me as an answer.

You see….. Many people think YouTube is just for watching videos and playing music. But what they don’t know is that YouTube is way far past that. YouTube is a money-making hub for video creators.

It vomits millions of dollars every month for most of the video influencers out there. Unlike other video sharing platforms, YouTube is the best and most trusted site to make a decent amount of cash from. People are making 6 figure incomes from their YouTube channel.

A recent report from YouTube shows that the number of creators earning over $100,000 on the platform has increased by more than 40% annually.

Daniel Middleton, 26-year-old British who goes by “DanTDM” on YouTube is to have an annual income of $16.5 million. His channel has over 20 million subscribers and 13.6 billion views. But guess what? He only uploads videos of himself playing Minecraft.

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I make passive income from YouTube. Every month I get paid by YouTube because I have my videos on that platform. I created my channel in the year 2014, but during that time I never create a single video until 2016 when I uploaded a single video which was meant to be for fun. This video turns out to be a cash-generating asset. I uploaded the video on 16 July 2016, and on the 22 of March 2017, I got a paycheck of $145 from YouTube. I was so happy that day, and since then I began to take YouTube seriously. I started uploading videos and bam! Today YouTube has turned to be another stream of income for me.

So you see….. YouTube can make you rich if you know what it entails.

That’s if you know the dos and the don’ts.

Because YouTube has proven to be the number source of income for creators for the past,

People are now turning their attention to this platform and because of that; YouTube has now come out with a new monetization (Money Making) requirements. This has now become another challenge for most creators both old and new. YouTube now set a threshold for monetization of a channel.

To be able to monetize your channel you will need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within the previous 12 months of operation. When this rule was set out by YouTube, many creators got their channel demonetized, and many have even given up on their YouTube ambition because they see this requirement to be a big deal for them because they cannot meet the requirement.

I was a victim of that. When the new requirement was set, I had only 109 subscribers and 1204 watch hours. I wanted to quit YouTube and look for some different opportunity online. But a part of me had hope, and then I decided to take a break and then restructure my channel.

I took a break for almost 3months trying to figure out how I can be able to meet these requirements because deep inside me, something is telling me there is a way. So I began to do some search no YouTube related topics.

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After weeks of search, I gathered a lot of information. I started to implement each, and finally one of them worked for me. I was able to gain the required subscribers with two months of me bouncing back to the YouTube channel.

After implementing this new knowledge, my subscribers increase from 109 subscribers to 1504 subscribers within two months and my watch hours also increase to 5003 watch hour within that same period.

Are you still here with me? Is yes then this is the question.

Are you a YouTuber? Or are you planning on starting a YouTube channel?

If yes then I have good news for you. I don’t want you to go through the struggle of figuring out everything about the YouTube platform like the way I did. I’m going to list three ways you can follow in other to be able to break through the YouTube platform.

Below Are The Three Ways To Succeed On YouTube

  1. Consistency
  2. Quality video
  3. Add value

We are not going to talk about more on these three points here; this will be covered in my upcoming WhatsApp Seminar Group.

I’m organizing a three days online seminar on How to How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel & Make Money from it. In that group, I will show you

  1. How to create a successful YouTube channel from scratch
  2. Show you how to create a viral video using your smartphone
  3. Gives you paid video editing apps for free. These apps are what most of the pro YouTubers used to create their videos and edit them
  4. Show you how to edit your videos like a pro
  5. Show you the new requirement for monetization and how you can quickly meet such requirements then begin to make money on the YouTube creator platform.

So if you are interested, you can contact the admin or me through this link WhatsApp link for further details — this where I bring the discussion to an end. If you have any question, you can put it in the comment, and I will attend to you. Thanks for your time and see you in the seminar group.

Call or WhatsApp me on +233 54 058 9113 for more information.

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