How to Make Money by taking a Simple Online Survey

Hi, and welcome to today’s post on how to get paid to share your opinions (taking online surveys). In this article, I’m going to show you how to make your first 10$ by taking a simple survey online. There are many companies who are looking for people like me and you to share their opinion on certain products and are ready to pay for that.

Many people nowadays find it difficult to understand how some people are getting paid online doing a simple task. I know you are here because you want to learn how to make your first 10$ online. I understand your situation because some years back I was also in your own state.

Before I dive into the main topic of this article let me tell you what surveys are and how you can make some money by taking surveys online. A survey has to do with sharing an opinion regarding a certain product or matter. They are methods of collecting information from individuals. Surveys have a variety of purposes and can be conducted in many ways.

With most of the surveys the internet you have to answer some few questions with regards to some products or information about yourself in returns for a reward. This reward can be in a form of PayPal funds or Amazon gift cards.

There are many websites that offer different surveys for different rewards. Many of these surveys are worldwide while some are geographically targeted. Some surveys are open to everyone whiles others are meant for people from certain geographical regions. Many of the surveys I’ve come across which paid more reward are most of the time available for only USA, Australia and Canada residents. What this means is that, if you don’t reside in the United States or Canada you cannot partake in those surveys.


For the past two years, I’ve signup with many surveys online and gained a lot of experience with these survey providers. My first survey was with survey monkey and it was a success until recently when I found another survey provider that seems to work better for me and which I’m going to reveal to you in this post. The name of the survey is surveyjunky.

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This survey so far is one of my best survey sites and will recommend it to anyone who wants to make some few bucks sharing their opinion online. But the saddest thing is that this survey is not open to the whole world. It is only available for USA, Canada and Australia residence. For readers from countries other than the USA, they cannot sign up for this survey easily.  As for those in the United States they can just visit the site and sign up to start taking surveys immediately.

It is easy to join this survey site. All that you need is an email and PayPal account. You can also join using your Facebook account. To join the survey junky, you have to type in your browser to go to their homepage. Once you are on the homepage of the site you will see Join Now. Click on it and fill your details to complete the sign-up. Immediately after the signup, you can start to take a survey to start earning some points. Every 100pts is equivalent to 1$.

Once you are able to reach 1000points which is equivalent to 10$ you can then request a payment which will be sent to your PayPal account.

You can earn an extra bonus when you complete your personal profile and doing some little task which will be shown to you on your dashboard once you sign up on the site. That’s all for USA, Canada and Australia residence.

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But as for non-USA, Canada and Australia residence, there is also a way you can follow to also register with this same site and make some cash from it. I’m going to show you that method in some few minutes.

But please note this is for educational purpose. I will not be liable for any damage and legal charges that you may find yourself using this method. If you agree with my disclaimer then you are set to continue with this method.

The method you can use to take the survey on this site is through the use of VPN. A VPN allows you to change your IP address in other to surf the internet anonymously. You can use a VPN to change your country’s IP address to USA IP address in other to gain access to this survey.

There are many VPN available on the internet both free and paid. You can use the free one for this task and it will work perfectly for you. But you have to choose the best among the rest. There is this VPN many people have been using and it seems to work perfectly for them. The name of this VPN is Yoga VPN. You can download it and use to register with this website and start to make some money from it.

Watch this video to see the full details on how to use the VPN to take the survey.

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