Mettl’s Online Remote Proctors to Revamp the Whole Hiring Situation

We bet it will be shocking for everyone when they come to know that almost one in every five organizations regrets hiring certain people. With the rising competition, corporations are looking to utilize all possible ways to restrain from choosing the not-so-right person for any job. One of the methods this can be achieved is by making use of recent advances in technology and artificial intelligence.

Every recruiter knows that a candidate can be chosen based on the three wide parameters of technical knowledge, overall personality and their functional abilities to work in a team. But, at times enough care and consideration do not go into checking all of them. After all, humans are prone to making mistakes from time-to-time. But such a mistake as hiring the wrong person could prove to be costly for an organization.

So, how can artificial intelligence and in particular help in picking out suitable individuals for an available position in any organization? Mettl is a place that makes recruiting a little easy for employers. To be exact, Mettl is a platform that provides a series of online tests to thoroughly analyze and score individuals based on several cognitive, psychometric, and technical tests.

The one key benefit with Mettl is that the various constraints that are used to judge a person’s skills can be customized to suit the specific requirement of any business, irrespective of their nature and purpose. Also, other tests that are viable with a company’s profile can be added. These tests can be of grouping or individualistic nature. All of the examinations and discussions take place in a safe place simply by registering and paying an amount from the respective company. Along with executing the tests, the results will also be furnished online to all the listed companies.

Out of the numerous rewards on offer, the one that has proven to be immensely useful for employers is Mettl’s online proctoring services that can effectively reduce travel cost for the company as well as the job seeker. Online auto proctoring primarily means to remotely monitor any suspicious activity that the candidates may indulge in to pass the job interview. This means that a Bangalore-based tech company can closely watch the activities of a Chennai guy, all the while implementing a job interview for him. Any company can accomplish this by employing artificial intelligence to authenticate the countless applicants every time. Every year more than 12 million people’s profiles are assessed and graded using Over 2000 organizations have been making use of mettl to place the right people in jobs suitable for them. The three-step identification process that is used to strain out duplicates has been proven to have a 95% success rate. Surely that is more than any human can do.

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Certain people who try to manipulate employers into hiring them cannot escape the precise checking done by AI integrated programs such as The first step of facial recognition is used to identify the applicants based on the data submitted by the corporation. Any applicant looking to forge their identity can be caught red-handed in this step itself. The program immediately terminates the connection or shows a sign of warning if the original applicant is not present in flesh and bones before the screen. Once facial recognition is done, the next stage is to detect whether the interviewee is using the device registered with the company at the time of applying for the job or not. This initiative can prevent anyone who would think of using other technologically advanced devices that may help them in getting through the exam easily.


After this, the program can even detect other people present in the same space. This feature confirms that only the interviewee is taking the exam and that no other person is present there to support him/her. This can help in testing their confidence while working all alone in a completely new environment. The list does not stop there. The online proctoring services also detect any noise or sounds that may cause a distraction to the discussion. The noise detection screens out any other sound other than that of the candidate and the interviewer. This noise that could be of the people attempting to help the candidate would be filtered to such an extent that both the candidate and the employer won’t be able to hear them.

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Mettl provides a secure browser that can be fully customized according to the unique requirements every company has. It permits the one browser the concerned employer would usually use for interviewing people and blocks out other potential applications or software that can support the candidate in clearing the examination. By doing this, the employer can realize the extent of knowledge of the candidate. So, in all ways, supplementary support is blocked and only the candidate’s talent can get them hired.

If at all certain companies want to take another look at some of the applicants, the platform offers live proctoring facilities as well as recording facilities to them. Mettl also allows recruiters to proctor multiple candidates at the same time. This feature can come in handy for concerns wanting to conduct group discussions as a part of the selection process. Revising sessions after they happen provides the benefit of observing the little details recruiters may have missed the first time around. Even after all the exams get over, the experts continue to look after the profiles to avoid any manipulations and deviations.

After all the examinations get over, the team of experts at evaluates and score the candidates based on their performance in each one. After the process of evaluation is complete, the employer can accurately get to know about the overall capabilities of the applicant. This way every employer can get to see the one true face of the person they interview. This process of extreme filtering can assist organizations in choosing the best possible person for all the available vacancies.

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